Monday, January 24, 2005


So, we had to make this presentation today for a course on e-commerce. It was supposed to be on viral marketing. 'Supposed to be' because the presentation was not related to viral marketing but on email marketing and something about spam and very little about viral marketing. The group was supposed to be 'led' and the project done by someone who is a 'bond' in "computers and IT". Oh, the aura around him! After the presentation, the prof asked, what the use of this presentation was. If it was to start a discussion on viral marketing, then it was OK, but of no use here.

The dude who made the presentation did not send it to the others in the group till the last minute, he emailed it to himself, but did not bother to cc to others. No problem, we can always get it later, but I am still waiting for it. Even if he had sent it to me, it would have been in an unreadable format. He uses outlook (composed as html or something) to send it and any & all attachments are included as winmail.dat which my outlook express or the webmail client cannot read. Not once or twice but atleast 3 times in the last 5 months. Never mind, I use some software to crack it and extract the attachments. It is better than the trouble of asking him to send it, repeated request which he will ignore and will never send it even asked in person. If everyone else is getting it, why couldn't I? Maybe I should start using the exact same software that he is using, so as to prevent any such conflicts with him! Related to the study conducted by discovery? Maybe related to Mordac!


Ponniyinselvan said...

what is viral marketing anyway?

Anonymous said...

mavvammorireammazzato, vah..