Sunday, November 14, 2004

IT Infrastructure

The last few days (or weeks or months, depending on how your memory is) are really irritating me. It is the IT infrastructure on the manager mill on the hill. Before we joined here, we were told that we had very highspeed internet connection 24x7, complete with telephone connections in every room. When we arrived here, we did not have any of the wires in place. After the students here (god bless them!)literally fought tooth and nail to get the basic wiring (only the local network) in place, that too after months of stonewalling by the powers that be. A few months later, we fought again for our internet connection. At first it was veeeery unstable, connection dropping (even between switches) at the drop of a hat. A small battle again, and we got some improved internet connection.

Then, we changed ISPs because of 'some reasons'. This time, we were promised the full 2mpbs (as promised in the brochures) but what we got was (according to reliable sources) only 1mbps, shared by more than 240 computers. Things went on well for a few months. That is, till a few months back when the new bunch got hold of p2p clients and then the speed went down. The student-IS guys said they disabled p2p for good; but now they seem to have come back and the pages are literally crawling. My pages get downloaded at a speed between .3kbps to 2kbps. Moreover, the connection drops every other minute. Basically we are back to square 1.

My neighbour has put his yahoo messenger to connect automatically and every second minute, I can here the 'twoossh' sound of YM connecting and proclaiming 'You have x new messages'. Thankfully, most of the guys have disabled that noise.

I could not get past the blogger login page for over 2 hours now (publishing through email, good thing those good guys at PyraLabs thought of this). I have typed in another window and after 45 minutes, it still is not opening. Hotmail too has not opened (after login) for over 30 minutes now. *smoking out of my ears*. I am wondering whether this post will reach blogger or not.

Update After 30 minutes: The post has reached blogger after 30 minutes and I am trying to remove all the line breaks my email client put in. It feels like I am back at home on my PII 400MHz, with a slow dialup internt connection. I have cancelled my trip back home based upon only this internet connection. Let us hope things get better in a week when more than 3/4ths of my class will be at home.

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Lumbergh-in-training said...

I checked our connection today at
This is at the firewall level and the max speedis only 122kbps. This is shared by 240 people.

122.8 kilobits per second

Communications 122.8 kilobits per second
Storage 15 kilobytes per second
1MB file download 1.1 minutes
Subjective rating Mediocre

This is one friend in USA who has a 756 kbps line.

3 megabits per second

Communications 3 megabits per second
Storage 370.5 kilobytes per second
1MB file download 2.8 seconds
Subjective rating Awesome