Friday, January 21, 2005

In cold water

Climate control? Heck they don't control water temperature! There are dozens of rest rooms all over this place and free flowing water everywhere. I loathe to use them anyway, only reason is bloody cold water. There are water heaters only in the bathrooms, not in the mess, in the rest rooms on the hill, in the library and many other places. Even the geyser in the bathrooms don't give enough heated water. This morning at 8.30 am-ish, I ran braving the cold wind and ran into the bathroom only to have ice-cold water poured on me, they geysers did not kick in till I finished. It was 20 yards back to my room, through the chilly wind, goose pimples wherever there was hair, and teeth chattering like there was no tomorrow!There are atleast 10 times when I have to run my fingers under icy water in a day. It will be a surprise if I don't lose my fingers to frostbite because of this cold water, before I leave this place.

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Anonymous said...

Hey Manoj,This is the NewYork dude that you often mention in your blogs,replying now--who works in Sub zero temps(usually -11c),Expecting to survive a snow blizzard..Me being a Guy from OUR tropical country,its new and hard for me to get used to climatic changes,but you eventually do!!
Well..Grass is greener on the otherside!!

Keep Blogging and Goodluck in your Job search!!
I wish you to get placed in some Nordic countries..
Best wishes....