Wednesday, December 01, 2004

Murphy's Law

Internet is one place which spreads all kinds of nutty theories. One such theory is the so-called Murphy's Law. Some USAF guy called Murphy told about someone that 'whatever can be done wrong, he will do it wrong' and it evolved into this law usually stated as 'whatever can go wrong will go wrong'. Whatever may be the form, I truly believe in it. A few things happened today that galvanised my belief in this theory. I will skip the first few things, which are serious, and jump directly to the hilarious thing.

The invention of email is one of the most popular things by which you can do silly stuff, for instance, online flame wars, sending critical stuff outside the company, and some gaffes like forwarding potentially inflammatory stuff to the upper management, etc.

This one guy is very popular here. There was a commotion outside the room where I was doing a group assignment with two other guys, someone told me that this pop-guy 'accidentally' forwarded one email to someone who was till last year the alpha dude of the pack. The email in question: that humorous stuff, story about how a certain slur, rhyming with 'pluck yew', originated during the Battle of Agincourt. People were advising him about how to 'recall' that email. I am sure many must have done something like that. I have done a similar act when I sent the answers to a quiz to the list instead of sending it to the quiz creator and got few angry emails in return, again through the list. Now children reading this, be aware of such mistakes and reduce the already high risk in our lives. The returns to such things are always negative.

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