Monday, November 29, 2004

Beginning of the End

Slept like a baby last night, after being a nocturnal animal for the last one week, to get the rhythm of day-night back. The day started depressingly, a feeling of nothing more left and something has come to an end. All the web searches threw something retrospective, and the happy 60s, like a bunch of ABBA videos, psychedelic songs, about the TV show Oshin, etc and the good old days of the dotcom boom, when software techies ruled. However, a visit to the top of the hill drove away all such thoughts.

I have now been waiting three days for the post-office to deliver a very important piece of paper, the bank cheque for paying the fees for this term. ETA was Saturday and I have not got it till now. The guy 'incharge' of the senior hillbillies is not friendly either, considering he is there to 'help' us. I think the single most powerful weapon he has is the ability to set the timetable (as he says).

Me: Sir, I haven't received my DD yet, what should I do?
He: Haven't you given an application?
Me: (I was thinking, what application??) No...
He: The penalty is 1000 per day, you know that?
Me: (cursing the postal department) Yeah sir...
He: Write an application.
Me: What should I put in it?
He: I don't know.

3rd guy who was there came to my help, a smooth talker, who told him to give me a letter someone had written before which were lying just by his side but he said there was nothing. The 3rd guy took it anyway and gave it to me. Just one line, 'kindly permit me to proceed with the process'. Well, all done, came back to room, huffing and puffing. I found out that some 8 kilograms that I had lost over 2.5 months through minimal eating and no exercise had come back with 3 friends over Diwali, Ramzan and the holidays, just about 10 days.

In about 2.5 months, this trouble free student life will come to an end, along with the 24 hour high speed internet. Worries like getting a job and later, if I am lucky, the job itself, will consume all my time then. This is the beginning of the end (of my course).

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