Friday, December 03, 2004


I have the freakiest of stuff happening in the last few days. Today I was sleeping in the class, heavily, when I felt myself being awake, but could not move any of my limbs. I see the prof walking to and fro in front of me and I hear the stuff he was saying. I try asking my neighbour to wake me up, but only a whisper comes out which is not heared by anyone else. I hear him whisper something to me, but don't know what. I feel my eyelids are half-shut and I open my eyes wide, as wide as possible so that I atleast sleep with my eyes open and the prof could think I am awake. Suddenly, I woke up properly and weird, what the prof said in my sleep and what he is saying now are continuous and his walk is along the same path - from the computer in front of me to the OHP on my right. My eyes hurt very bad as soon as I woke up.

This happened a few weeks earlier also. That time, I was awake (dreamt?) and felt my neck unable to support my head and the heavy head is just flopping about. People do say that my head jerks about a lot when I sleep in the class. I woke up with a very painful neck. Atlast, my dreams are getting as weird as me.
Also, I missed the party here yesterday because I was sleeping very early, after a 38 hours of staying awake. The report about the health care centre project is due in a couple of days. Some heavy firefighting to commence from tomorrow.

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