Thursday, December 02, 2004

38 hours plus

I woke up yesterday moring around 7 o'clock and am still awake now, at 9.30 pm. I have got accustomed to it now. I did not sleep even in the class today; morning 3 hours and evening 3 hours, till 8.15 pm. I felt nauseauted slightly sitting in the class today, watching two other guys make the presentation (nauseated due to lack of sleep, not watching them.) First, I realised that the changes of 15% was in one presentation only, the other had been changed more than 70%. They had to do it as I had just vomited down the case facts in a presentation and asked them to fit one of the three models; they did for all three models. Today morning, I thought I would be presenting a significant part of the presentations when one guy took it completely and the other guy did not want me to present the second one too; reluctantly he let me do a couple of slides. When I completed my part, I could've taken advantage and rambled on further, but stupidly, I let him do it. Anyway, what is done is done and whatever bubbles bubbles up.(I just had to say that *grin*)

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