Saturday, December 25, 2004


It was around 0700 hrs IST, when my friend in New York told me about an eartquake in my native town, Chennai. He had just got over the phone from his panicked father that they felt some tremors there. Just before he said I received a wakeup message from my friend back home. Unusual, as he is never awake so early. Then I searched the internet for earthquake and saw that there was an earthquake north of Sumatra Island. Wow, the last tremor in Chennai was caused by Bhuj earthquake a few years back. I called my aunt and said they never felt a thing but my mom and uncle had called her. I called that dude in Chennai about the earthquake and it was like how excited a bunch of kids are when they are waken up suddenly.

After coming back from the class I saw the NY dude sending me a link, Yahoo news one, for the cause of the tremor. It seems the quake in Sumatra had caused tsunamis and killed over 160 people in Sri Lanka. AFP, in its usual glory had wrongly reported that Chennai was the capital of Andhra Pradesh state.

My mom later called me to tell that the sea water had entered Chennai (extent not known) and they were watching the TV. I remember the last tremor. We all had ran out of our homes and foolishly stood in the narrow street between two apartment buildings. It was a long fiesta all night, the kids staying up all night and the elders catching up.

One dude in the city that was the 2nd capital of India says they too felt the tremors and he slept through it!

Lest we forget, or don't know, exactly 1 year before, there was an earthquake in Bam, Iran. Maybe this was an anniversary earthquake.

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Anonymous said...

You make it sound like a happy thing. Oh, the kids were awake the whole night. And the AP got the wrong information as usually. Oh, ah. My dude emailed, my aunt called and nothing... The thing is that there are thousands of dead people. I'm here in New York, and feel so bad about all those children who died, and I don't give a damn about those happy ones who didn't sleep at night.