Monday, December 27, 2004

Tsunami in Chennai

I thought yesterday that the tremors in Chennai were just tremors caused by an earthquake somewhere else. I was totally unaware of the extent of the tsunami that followed.

This single photo talks about the enormous power of the tsunami! A big car parked on a bench some 750 meters away from the sea. The people affected mostly seems to be fishermen going on about their business, people taking their morning walk on the beach and poor people living on the beach. A friend says, in Elliots beach down Marina beach, the beach itself saved houses across the road but in Marina beach, people on the beach were swept into the sea. It is a known fact that the politicians want these people to stay there to be their 'vote banks', so anything done by the civic authorities to move these people away are resisted. Now, since this has happened, will people wake up to this risk? Such senseless loss of lives.

This is how the 2 kilometre long, 750 metres wide beach looked like.

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