Saturday, December 25, 2004

Christmas Cakes

It is nice to have someone who celebrates Christmas religiously. OK, bad joke but you get christmas cakes. Then some celebrate just for fun. Like the one we had here the previous night. One dude dressed as Santa Claus (No padding, all natural) and giving away gifts to all. Then there were the cakes, sponsored by the insti's cultural committee. Christmas tree, christmas games, christmas cakes, and a coffee mug for all, alongwith chocolates. Then in the day, cakes from the hillbillies. Form a posse and run to those rooms which have cakes ('strictly First Come First Served.') Brought back memories of the Anglo-Indian family across my home celebrating christmas and new year. They will start a couple of weeks before, having running lights and stars and a real christmas tree with a shiny star on top. We will all get the creamiest cakes and the sweetest of sweets and mint-candies. Then we all grew up, they moved away to a country where it snows and these stopped. Moreover, the reality of the course coming to an end seems to be catching up here. We have been having parties every week and too much of celebrations. Must be hard, after spending close to 2 years cooped up here.

Also, downloaded a lot of Ali G videos, the pilot episode and one another episode of 'Joey'. Not bad! Just like 'Friends', this too is a series of jokes strung together, but just one guy holding it all. Let's see how long this goes. A junior hillbilly said he has all the episodes of "That 70s show'; must get it before his class leave for their holidays.

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