Monday, December 20, 2004

I Irked someone, it seems!

Time: ~11:30 pm, venue: Mess
We were a small bunch of guys sitting outside the mess and talking about projects and how they were done. One junior hillbilly was saying that they got an assignment involving field visits with only 7 days to complete. He said that they should have told atleast a month in advance on with such a short time only googling will do. I jokingly referred to this guy, who was with me in that aaspathiri assignment, the presentation of which I missed because of some allergic reaction, and asked him to tell how he did his part. Immediately he 'clarified' that only another person had done copy-paste work and he did everything by himself. The topic jumped to another, almost directly. End of the matter, right? NO!

Time: ~2:30 am, venue: My room
Yes, after a deliberation of more than 3 hours, this guy comes to my room, agitated and almost yells at me, "what did you do for the project? You did nothing!"
Half asleep, at first I was confused, 'what the hell is this guy talking about?' "What?"
"Why are you telling others that I did only copy-paste work?"
"C'mon man, just a joke!"
"Joke? Have some seriousness about this. I am going to tell to drop your name from the group" and then he rushes to that guy's room. (Another group formed for another subject this term)
I went back to sleep, and after some time wandered off to the mess.

Oh yeah, look at this too.

And, I finally made a backup of all the advertisements and music videos I had in my hard-disk. This clears about 5 GB now so I can start Kazaa again and download movies.

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