Wednesday, November 03, 2004

Madras, Nalla Madras

Woke up this morning leisurely, knowing that there are four days of hypo-activity lined up in front of me. The cool morning looked very pretty today. Also, a few of my friends are coming to this normally sleepy place which will be buzzing with activity and a rockshow till sunday evening. I dragged myself to the mess, ugh, wannabe burgers and yellow coloured omlettes! To be different, I had bun and tea, Madras style.

I was thinking for a week, whether to go home for this (last) vacation, or not; I could spend 10 days with very high speed internet with half the population away or spend less than a week (4 days for travel, 2 days each way) with family and my cousin's baby boy and about a 1000 bucks to go there. Well, I could get internet at home, if not at high speed, but the baby won't be a baby for a long time. So, I decided to go home.

Another thing this morning was the amount of email from friends in the USA complaining about the election of Bush for a second time. They feel it is because of the lazy voters. My favourite was the one which started "It's official, the people in this country are going to hell in a hand basket." They all feel because Bush is re-elected, the end of time as we know is near. One said, "I don't know which group is more foolish......the assholes that voted for that clown again, or the assholes that sat on their worthless asses and didn't vote. I don't give a fuck what happens to people anymore. If something catastophic does happen, it will be well deserved." I am not including other emails because of the high amount of vitriolic words (in both senses) in it.

I don't know why these guys are so angry about Bush; whether Bush comes back (he is), or Kerry was coming (he isn't), I think the world IS a doomed place, so long as the unilateral policies of USA works. How can they think Kerry would be a better president for the world? He too, like Bush, would act only in the interest of the American people (maybe not all, but atleast their party people). Raman aandaalum, Ravanan aandaalum...

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Anonymous said...

GOD BLESS AMERICA...For there are no coalition parties.
GOD BLESS INDIA...From those coalition parties.