Saturday, November 06, 2004

Headbanging and hind kicking

I want to kick myself tonight for two reasons. Reason one was yesterday and reason two today. First, I lent my rechargeable cells to some visitors on the hill who asked it just for one snap and I 'generously' (stupid!) told them they could have it for some more time. After that, I could not trace the guy to whom I gave it. Repeated requests did not get them back to me. What if they had left already? (Dear Lord!!) Next, tonight I went to this 'rock show'. It was one of those fusion bands with hippies in it; where they 'fuse' Indian and Western music forms; though, what they did was use those western instruments to play Indian music. The music was typically Indian, lot of boom-boom-boom, dum-dum-dum and lots of vocals, with very less of other instruments/sounds. They mostly did music inspired from Indian whatever, and some on radical thoughts. Those radical sounds was like listening to GWBush rapping. They did not sound like a rock-band, in a rock show, but it takes real talent on part of the audience to convert everything into headbanging stuff. That's not the point anyway. The second reason comes here, I spent both my remaining sets of cells clicking unwanted pictures, of the band. Yeah, photos of hippies in the noughts. Later, when there were interesting stuff, like a bonfire and a dance party, I had no power left in my camera. (Images of flowing skirts, stuffs bouncing all over the place, lost forever) There is another reasons for the cells running out, however. It was the overenthusiastic but idiotic gang of around 15 that insist on seeing every photo; if it takes x units to take one photo, it takes 2x units for them to look at what I had taken. That means, if I can take 200 photos using one set, I can now take only around 70.

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