Saturday, October 09, 2004


I don't hate vegetarians, I hate those vegetarians who take time off from whatever they are doing and preach me about the evils of eating meat. Some of these are guys who smoke like a chimney and/or drink like a fish, but will always say eating meat is the greatest sin in the world. Unlike smokers who kill others with second-hand smoke or social drinkers who become anti-social after they drink, whom am I harming? They also say man was not designed to eat meat. Why the hell do we have those canine teeth, incisors and pre-molars and the whole food-chain thing? Man was never designed to eat only plants. There are some who convert even their dogs into vegetarians, like Maneka Gandhi. Her favourite reason for not eating meat is that meat-eaters' doodoo stink. Big deal, everybody's does. A big disadvantage of going out with vegetarians is that you never get to eat decent food. They pull you to a high-priced vegetarian restaurant where even the spiciest dish is bland and you have to eat a lot to fill your stomach.

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