Wednesday, October 06, 2004

USA 2004

I was going through my stash of comics and I came across this.

The Presidential Elections in USA is towards the fag end. Who wins this election is a great concern for many Americans. For the rest of the world, the stake is not USA but the World, and mankind. It doesn't matter who wins. Both will continue to make a mess out of the world and screw up other countries to 'protect the interests of America, the most powerful and the greatest country in the world. God bless America.' Only the intensity and speed at which they go about it will be different.

Cowboy Bush will go full steam ahead in the middle-east as he did in Iraq. What can we expect next? Iran? Syria? Kerry might be a little slower but they are made of the same metal. Both will give Billions of Dollars in aid to Israel and Pakistan, aim towards total immunity from International Laws for Americans and their soldiers.

Which one will be better for India? We cannot say anything for sure. Bush pushes for free trade but his governors don't want that. Kerry wants to protect, and may do so, or maybe not.

Whatever happens, I just hope we are not left in a worse position than now.

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