Sunday, October 03, 2004

Foundation Day

This is the season when most of the schools, colleges and universities all over India celebrate their Annual Day, or as it is being called now, Foundation Day. What's wrong the old name anyway? Our's was today. Today was when the Institute was dedicated to the nation. Actually it was yesterday, on M. Gandhi's Birthday. But, to gain an extra holiday, it is on the 3rd. How clever is that?

I was sleeping in my room, with The Zombies, Strawberry Alarm Clock and Jefferson Airplane having a private Woodstock in my dreams. My friend banged on the door and reminded me about the 'speech' that was starting in a few minutes. Grumblingly, I got my arse off the bed and waddled towards the auditorium. I thought I could continue my sleep over there.

Every founding day we have one 'eminent' person from the industry or the government coming to our insti and giving a speech. This year it was Ms. Anu Aga from Thermax. Before she started, I thought, great! Yet another speech in praise of IIMs, IITs, and the Director. After she started, I realised my mistake. She was bang to the point and started her experience of turning around her company from a deep hole in the ground. Ofcourse, there was some tooting of her own horn, but it was not nauseating. She was succint and told about the history of the company, the difficulties involved and how she managed the problems. Never once did she use the standard speil, Oh! IIMs and IITs are the brain of India, blah blah.

The speech was worth the hour spent. Then we had tea and snacks, I came back to my room satisfied :)

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