Tuesday, October 19, 2004

Good News

Two good news yesterday; one from my homestate and one from my hometown. The first news: Veerappan killed. That slippery rat was killed atlast by the TN police. He was caught as early as 1986 but was let out after bribing the police and/or the local politicians. The impact of letting him out was not realised at that time. In the next 18 years, he went on to kill many more, innocents, honest police officers, anyone trying be on the right side of the law. Will the ghosts of the dead officers and people forgive those who were responsible? He is so famous that one of the 6 pages of India in rotten.com is about Veerappan.

The second news is that it rained heavily in Chennai. The cricket test was washed out that day. This was a disappointment to many but not for the residents. It has been a tradition that whenever there is a test match there, it should rain. Maybe, conduct a whole series there every year and we would have less of water troubles.

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