Monday, September 20, 2004

The power of Gmail

Recently I learned more about Gmail. I had got Gmail only as a status
symbol... The elite, one of the few to have a Gmail account, the
ability to store more stuff that I can need, etc. But I had grossly
underestimated its power and not using many of the features.

I was one of those who were used to sorting by clicking on the tabs
and tracking mails by moving them to relevant folders. I was miffed by
its absence in Gmail. That was, until I discovered how to use the
filtering, labelling, searching the mails and a host of other
functions. I already knew how to search in Gmail, but had not much use
for it anyway. I learned how to create filters, simultaneously while
creating labels. Then, I sorted all my mails, well, most of them
anyway, and then applied the labels. Voila! They were sorted neat and
only the relevant stuff showed on the screen.

No more clicking on a folder's link and waiting for the page to load,
tunnelling through close to a hundred mails in a folder and searching
for it. Now everything is done in a jiffy! Just click on the label on
the side. It still takes time to load the page, but it is faster than
other emails and helluva lot convenient too.

Some people were and still are concerned about the so called privacy
problems in Gmail. I don't feel a thing about that. Unless you have
something to hide (like contact with Osama bin Laden, etc not trivial
stuff like porn), you must not be worried about it. Even then, you
need not use this if you are so concerned about your privacy.


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