Saturday, September 18, 2004


Umm... Yeah...! we now have reached the magic number three. I dont know when it started but I always do everything in threes - group in threes, buy three of almost everything, eat chocolates in threes. Maybe because there are three division in a finger. Using this method, you can cound upto 14 on one hand. That gives a new meaning to a handful! I was always fascinated by the number three. The two major religions that I was exposed to, Christianity and Hinduism, both have the Trinity. The most common magic square is three. There is the past, the present and the future. A triangle is the most rigid structure that can be made. Who hasn't rode the tricycle? There is even a cute song cute song about the number three. Then there is the Project Trinity Project Trinity. After exploding the first of the invention to end all inventions, Dr. Oppenheimer quoted (with mistakes) the Bhagwath Gita. Three A-bombs were exploded in all before the second world war came to an end. One was the testing (yes, only one was tested), and two used on tens of thousands of innocents. Thus came the expression "Nuke 'em", and "Bomb them back to the stone age". Can anyone say "America has weapons of mass destruction, America is a threat to the world" and invade it?

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