Wednesday, September 22, 2004


Comment ça va? I have started learning French now. Actually I already
learnt the language about a year and a half back. Unfortunately, I
remember almost nothing now. Fortunately, the remnants are helping me
pick up fast now. However, there have been a lot of differences in the
way I was taught before and the way I am taught now. Things like
pronunciation of even simple words vary slightly. Hope my history does
not interfere too much with my learning now.
This is supposed to be Business French, and the prof has jumped
directly to small words and sentences now. She says, we are taught the
way kids learn, by hearing first and then learning the rules and
grammar. But we have only twenty 90 minute sessions and the class is
very unruly. I don't know how much I will learn here. My goal here is
to improve my vocabulary, with the second chance I have been given. I
hope atleast sufficient enough to write letters and maybe short
stories :) Au revoir!

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