Monday, May 15, 2017

Put an End to NASSCOM 'Black List' - NDLF I.T. Employees Wing

This is an email received from a group of Cognizant employees about the company’s practice of using National Skills Registry to threaten employees. HR of other companies also routinely threaten employees that they will be given negative reference, will be added to black list and so on.
Any such activity by any organization is illegal. In our planned representation to the Tamil Nadu labour secretary and Labour Commissioner  we plan to take up this issue strongly. We will demand labour department to conduct an enquiry into such practices. We will demand the companies to be transparent about the information they maintain and share the same with the concerned employee. These kind of unfair labour practices should be firmly opposed and stopped.
We invite all IT employees to join the delegation tomorrow (“Representation to the Labour Secretary, Government of Tamil Nadu at 11 am on May 16, 2017 demanding intervention by the state”). Please contact 9003198576 or send email to for details.
Hi Sir,
I like to bring this incident to you.
One of our CTS colleague has been given 4th rating and called for a HR meeting. In the meeting he is asked to resign immediately. HR told him that if he is not resigning then company will do auto-resignation or termination and they told he will NOT get a job anywhere outside in other IT companies.
Why he shouldn’t get a job in other IT companies?
[We think] this is because CTS will enter bad or wrong comments about that person in National Skills Registry. Every person when they are joining CTS were asked to sign up in National Skills Registry and provide the ID to HR. [The implied threat is that] CTS HR will use the ID to enter black remark about the person if he is not resigning or does take up the matter to labour commission. [Many fear that] This registry is being verified by other IT companies when the person is interviewed and if they find a the black remark from CTS then that person will not be selected in their company.
All these are being done under the umbrella of NASSCOM. National Skills Registry was formed for a good intent but the IT companies are using for killing the career of employees incase if they do anything against those companies [their illegal practices].
We request you to inform this issue to TN labour commissioner and make sure that the employees career are not affected [for standing up for their rights, approaching labour department or joining union all of which are legal rights of an employee]. Also the truth behind the national skills registry should be brought to light to public and the provisions given to IT companies to make the remark against the employees should be removed. This has to be done by the Central Govt.

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