Monday, May 15, 2017

Infosys Confessions - ICCA - 20995

YOJ-2014. YOL-2017. 
Guys, I recently read a confession of a JL6 employee telling his take home salary as 60k-65k. Here I'm more worried about JL5 salary!
When I joined Infy, a JL5 lead was my Appraiser and a JL6 was the Reviewer. The JL5 appraiser was a partial guy who always hated me for no reason. I was the one who worked hard in the team but he always gave good ratings to girls. I repeatedly complaint to the JL6 reviewer but he never took it seriously. The JL5 guy was a pervert and because of him I got bad confirmation band and bad hikes always. He had 6+ years of Infy experience. I was sad, heartbroken and due to him I finally raised e-sap this year. 
I left Infy with 33k take home salary. I got 65% hike, half a month I work in night shifts and get a lot of cash reimbursements like internet, food, cab, medical bills etc. My monthly take home is usually 63k-66k now.
Guys is it more than my reviewer's (the JL5 guy) salary? If yes, plz plz plz let me know. It's been a long time since I had a beer with fried chicken. If would be more happy if they fire him too. If they do, I will throw a big party too!

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