Tuesday, January 24, 2017

Jallikattu protests - My personal conspiracy theory - a sequence of events

All events in January 2017.

before 15th - people like Karthikeya Sivasenapathy, Hip Hop Adhi, Rajasekar, RJ Balaji (the quads) voice their support for Jallikattu

15th Maatu pongal - a few people decide to protest in Marina Beach shouting slogans for lifting the ban on jallikattu. My theory is the core members who planned this are either a certain caste or simply supporters who never thought it would blow up to be this big. Police don't do anything to avoid marring pongal celebrations. crowd swells with youth/ male students.

16th Kaanum pongal - young women and families see the protest and go along with the crowd. So far, the police has not taken any action, maybe thinking the crowd will thin once schools/colleges/work starts. Lawrence steps in with his support.

17th-20th - crowd increases. Tamil associations world over want to join in the "in thing" and organize quick get-togethers and photo-ops. This is shared widely on facebook and whatsapp. People see the support and are proud of what's going on. My theory here is, atleast some of these were organized by Sri Lankan Tamils in places like Canada, UK, or Australia, and by IT workers in USA who felt left out by happenings in India and want to show their support.

21st - first weekend. IT workers on their weekend join. Police can't touch the crowd due to the backlash they will face from the world over; families are involved after all. The Chief Minister meets the Prime Minister and gets an urgent approval. Ordinance was vocally supported by retired Supreme Court Chief Justice Mr. Markandey Katju. Taking advantage of laid back police approach, people like Seeman, Amir, Gowthaman, TMMK, May 17 or whatever organizations, and other parties like DMK step in to fish for their benefits. Police and maybe central Intelligence take note. Indian government won’t worry about what people in each states do until they get even a whiff of separatist speech.

22nd - President's approval given. All that is left is the ordinance to be passed the first working day after this. The quads were probably adviced about the potential infiltration and step out asking protestors to go home. Skeptical protestors are provided confusing information, preventing some from leaving with the fear that if they leave their protests would’ve been in vain. The quads are denounced while some try to still support them.

23rd morning - IT workers are gone, most families are gone, kids have to go to school after all. Lawrence tries to go back to the crowd and is turned away by police, maybe after advicing him too. He tells protestors to go away. He is also denounced. Police step in telling people to disperse. Some leave, some dig in their heels. The same time the State Assembly session starts, with table thumps by the MLAs to the governor’s speech. The crowd is charged by police at almost the same time. Police is given a free reign. They first carry off each protestor one by one, and the remaining, who I suspect belong to the separatist organizations, visibly hold back a few and some jump into the sea. Police “do the needful” at this point. Police also create ‘false-flag attacks’ to justify taking the action to nearby places which (I suspect) is probably where the protestors who joined on 21st live. Fishermen from nearby hamlets step in to support, providing supplies by boat.
Media is not allowed in the vicinity, but the availability of facebook, whatsapp, and smartphones with internet disseminate the attacks on who look like (and very well could be) innocent bystanders and disseminate it to the outside world.

23rd night – Police move around the city, probably targeting the areas where the new protestors who joined on 21st lived. Videos of police causing damage to parked vehicles seen.

24th – Police target the fishing hamlets.

25th – today. People are shocked and feel unsafe. Trust in police has been shattered. People don’t know whom to blame – the chief minister for being insulted? The leader of the ruling party? The prime minister? The city police commissioner who ordered police to move in?

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