Thursday, January 05, 2017

Fake News Menace

There was something that I posted on facebook a couple of days ago.

The past couple of years has shown me that a huge proportion of the country will believe anything about anyone if it's posted on a somewhat news-looking website and shared on Facebook.

One of the persons who is ultragullible "liked" it - I wonder if he will understand the amusing coincidence!

Not even 2 days, a bad imitation of a supposed "London newspaper" that has a lot of slang and terms used by Indians has been shared by a "political" facebook page. It is just peddling a conspiracy theory that the former CM of Tamil Nadu Jayalalitha was poisoned by Sasikala (referred to as Mannargudi Mafia in Tamil Nadu by those who hate them.)

It doesn't matter that the quality of newsprint, the language used doesn't look like something published in London, it also doesn't matter that any Tom, Dick, or Harry can print anything from their basement and these people will assume it is true. Neither does it matter that just because it is published in London doesn't make it true - otherwise Daily Mail and Sun would be considered paragons of journalism!

Update in 30 minutes: that fake news gained more pixels while spreading through another facebook political page!

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