Thursday, January 26, 2017

Jallikattu - the aftermath

The masses were whipped up to a frenzy by political parties that were pro-jallikattu, by social media (facebook, whatsapp), and misguided youth. To be honest, the youth masses are not the epitome of rational thought or behaviour. They cheer and jeer whatever the hot topic of the day is. The protests abroad were conducted by people who were far away from their birth places, and longed for something that they didn't even know existed when they were in India. Any opposing voices were drowned out. Add to this conspiracy theories around coca-cola being full of pesticides, PETA planning to destroy native cattle so that "Jersey cows which give only A1 milk" (never mind that Jersey & Guernsey cows are A2-type) and it is Holstein cows that were being imported. Peta protests and spreads misinformation about the coca cola milk farm in the US and it has come back to bite their own ass by PETA being linked with Coca Cola, oh the irony.

Once political parties and separatist parties got involved, it was downhill. Compared to police actions against previous protests, this was mostly restrained. This is not discounting all those videos that show police indulging in arson and attacking bystanders. The situation has gone worse due to these opportunists that are again whipping up frenzy against the Indian Union.

It is sad to see even well-educated people subscribing to every fake research out there and throwing out their thinking caps forever. The second half of 2016 and the beginning of 2017 has seen irrational emotionally charged kneejerk reaction gaining an upperhand over rational levelheaded thinking.

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