Wednesday, March 15, 2017

It's becoming hard to be an atheist in India

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atheistic or rational people are dwindling in India. Muslims are getting radicalized by Saudi funding, Hindus getting polarized by RSS/BJP, Christians throwing in their victim complex (actually that was the basis of that religion, lol) due to American evangalization funding.
if you talk about radicalization of muslims or christians, people assume you are hindutva. if you talk against hindutva, they latch on to caste/atheistic tendencies/christian name/muslim name and claim you are anti-hindu
if you have a hindu name and you talk against hindutva, they immediately label you "sickular"
Sickular na enna?
derogatory version of secular - namella "sick"-am, so secular becomes sickular
I see..
Every religion is marketed so well that people hate to accept its flaws or lies..even though a few understands it, they will still do it just because they are scared of the society
My wife..she understands and agrees, all of this is useless..but she still does it as she is used to..

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