Tuesday, September 27, 2005

Funny or Serious?

Decide for yourself!
BBC carries a story about India's five-year-old policeman, and no one knows about it. If a report carries even the word India just once in 10 000 words, the media blows it out of proportion and says the whole report is about India. Some thing awful has been going on for years, and not one newspaper has published it! Not even in the odd news section!
Saurabh has to feed a family of five and so his mother, Ishwari Devi Nagvanshi, holds his hand and takes him the 110km (68 miles) from Bilaspur, where they live, to Raipur.
The mother walks him to his 'office', like she was walking him to crèche, or school.

He is quiet. If you try to talk to him he will either run away or hide behind his mother.
A policeman who runs away? LOL! ROFLMAO!!

[Mrs Nagvanshi] says: "In order to run the house I had no option but to make my child work. It's not nice. He should be jumping around and playing at his age."

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