Tuesday, September 27, 2005

Only in India!

The Indian Government (sometimes) has lofty goals for the people it lords over, but the politicians don't make it work. It someone tries to bring some legislation to support the poor, women, or the low-castes, the others create a ruckus, saying it is 'populist'. There have been instances when bills regarding women have been snatched from the speaker and thrown around the house. The schemes for the poor are always misused by everyone!
While the government is planning on such legislation, like free school for girl children, another girl killed herself because she couldn't afford one rupee! Funny how the second news wasn't seen in any newspapers or TV, probably because it was a homeless child? This is India Shining!! While this is happening in one part of India, there is a movie star supporting pre-marital sex and 'people' protesting against it, because it 'tarnishes the image of Tamil women'. Living in Bombay, I read everyday how the 'Bollywood stars' say it is not big deal, and the politicians silent about it, even if they band up every year to prevent Valentine's Day. Some kind of understanding?

Yesterday my father called me and asked me what TV I had bought. Then he tells me I am staying alone and so I should filter the programmes that I watch. 'There are certain undesirable channels that I should avoid and he didn't want to advice me on such matter.' I hit puberty and he hit conservatism, along with his friends. Whenever my brother's friend's mother talks to my mother it is always about horror stories - how she saw the son of a neighbour cruising with his 'girlfriend' on his motorcycle. After that, I was not allowed to take out my scooter anywhere outside, giving such lame reasons as how it was not safe anymore to drive in the city, and they did not want to lose me. Just before I left for Bombay, my father and I went to see his a state official friend. I guess it was a covert 'counse'ling and warning' operation. She started telling him stories about how one of her friend's innocent son was 'stolen away from his mother' by his girlfriend from another caste (or religion, I don't remember), and how another one was 'murdered' (she believes), because he had married a girl from some other caste (or religion). Then my father turns to me and says I have to heed his advice as it is 'only for my good'.

Does these things happen only to me?

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