Monday, October 03, 2005

Help! Help! We are being repressed!

Due to some recent incidents, the name of my beloved city has been sullied. Now, the state called Tamil Nadu is up for renaming again - to Taliban Nadu. Please keep in mind before casting a stone on me, the people who bring up these issues are not natives of Madras, they are immigrants who want to impose their will on the majority. None of the politicians, 'moral guardians', the goons protesting against 'defamation of culture', nor the jackbooted thugs in uniform, are from this great city. Nor are the 'movie stars' who preach and live a flamboyant life on screen, but want a 'conservative life' at home. The 'women' who recently 'protested' don't give a rat's arse about 'Tamil culture' - and they definitely don't speak for the 'women of Tamil Nadu'. An encounter with these 'ladies' would rot the ears off a sailor!

Crackdown on dance shows in city hotel
Actress apologises for pre-marital sex remarks
Single and Homeless in Chennai
Moral policing has students up in arms
V did it first - Chennai the only city to ban Vagina Monologues
College wears dress code on its sleeve
How dare you kiss in Chennai?
Beware of moral cops

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Instinctive Traveller said...

Aren’t we missing the fact that we in Chennai are being told what we must think and be? Hello! Where goes democracy? Where goes free speech?

Pray, would someone tell me who in this culturally rich Chennai has been offended by the late-night partying and the likes? Would they stand up to be counted?

And while you stand, I’d like to ask you: mister or miss or ms moral police, what has caused you to loose sleep over the partying or whatever it is you find aggrieving?

Who are you to tell me what I should do? Would you listen to what I have to say? Who are you to draw my borders and decide my wardrobe or the authors I read or what I do with my time and money as long as I have in no way infringed on your reasonable liberty? Who are you pray?

And who's given you the right to rule my private space? Is intrusion your culture? Is intolerance your culture? Is hypocrisy your culture? Because it sure isn't Chennai’s as you claim.