Sunday, April 24, 2005

Three day weekend

Ah! My last three-day weekend for the next four months has gone at last.

So, this guy named ‘tomato’ in college pays this city a visit on Friday for some interview and I play host. Not having seen him for almost three years, he hasn’t changed much – the same man-boobs, the same beer belly, the same hairstyle, etc. I took him to Nariman Point, where his interview is and saw it was buzzing with activity even on a holiday. My return journey was not so peaceful. I just saw the train pulling out of Churchgate station when I ran and jumped into the nearest bogie. I was surprised to find it ‘cleaner’ and with no crowd- only three women in the whole compartment. I was just getting settled when one guy at the next station calls me and tells it is the ladies compartment. I could feel the blood drain down from my face. One of my nightmares was coming true. When the train pulled into the next station, I jumped out even before it stopped, and ran as fast as my short legs could carry my jelly belly and jumped into the next compartment. My father had warned me about such things, I should have listened to him.

With one roomy already at home, and the second just leaving for his home, the flat was available to me for two whole days. What did I do? Nothing but sleep. Also took care of the work I took home. No use doing some job at the office when you can browse the Internet at work, and finish the work much faster at home. However, you run the risk of being seen idle in the office. Hmm!


Jammy said...

ha ha ha I had the experience of jumping into a ladies' compartment when I was doing my under-graduation in Chennai. I guess jumping out of it as soon as u reach the next stop has been the obvious reaction of most of us.
u have a net conx at home? that's too cool

Lumbergh-in-training said...

OOps! I meant, work at home, browse at office... changed it now man.