Tuesday, April 19, 2005

the best browser?

I will not agree with anyone who say Firefox is the best browser available now. The credit actually goes to the European browser called Opera. It was the first to bring tabbed browsing, superb security features, and many more that are available as plugins in firefox. They say that only OpenSource software will be the quickest to adapt to any security holes found. Even that is not true. Now, when even firefox users are vulnerable to phishing now, and the open source community is yet to come up with patches for it, Opera has gone ahead and incorporated measures against phishing in it. All said and done, Opera may be the best browser. However, it is not the most convenient one. That's why I switched to firefox from Opera. Yeah!


OT said...

How can you not like a Mozilla product? I still remember using Netscape 1.0 on a Mac - boy, those were the days. Opera may've been the first tabbed browser, but first and best are not always equal...

Nagendra Murti said...

Re: F_g Madrasi

Dude - seriously, you got to get your facts right. Everything south of the Vindyas was not Madras my friend - there was Mysore and Hyderabad (I forget what Kerala was called). True, places were intermingled - but who cares. We are all part of the same freaking country aren't we? What difference does it make which state a city/town/hamlet belongs to (except maybe Bihar - but you gotta admit that is really scary)? Such linguistic and regional chauvinism is horse feathers man - you gotta get your act together.

Lumbergh-in-training said...

Seen in many sites, and the last seen:

Why a different version for FireFox?
The original Your Moment of Zen site is written in a CSS code that has not been universally adopted to FireFox. While Netscape, Internet Explorer, SlimBrowser, and several other browsers are capable of correctly rendering the CSS, FireFox has taken issue with the arguments used to space the portions of the site. Since there is not other way to achieve the same appearance (believe me this is not for lack of trying), it was deemed easier to apply a script that would reroute FireFox traffic to a site that could be more easily read. Sorry. FireFox isn't the only "safe" browser; switch to Opera or SlimBrowser. They are even tabbed.

Also, latest and best or Opensource and best are not synonymous. BTW, why is it called 'Opensores'?