Tuesday, April 12, 2005


After getting my new telephone and getting it activated, the first phone call I received nearly broke my heart. It was my brother-mother combo, my mom wanted to know if I was surviving in the big bad city and if I was getting along well with my room-mates. My heart nearly stopped at what my brother then told me - my comp at home was not working - it was showing some error like "arc firmware boot configuration error". First I panicked, I haven't taken back up in ages, and there were 30 GB of music, music videos, advertisements, movies and much more to be lost. The 100s of MBS of Hi Res pictures of Laetitia Casta, Sophie Marceau, and Monica Bellucci? I had even started to like Christina Aguilera and started collecting her pictures! Even the stuff I recovered from my old failed hard disk was in it. What can I do except go to my room tonight and cry myself to sleep?

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dogears said...

hellow..i hope your comp is okay types now,without too much of damage.i know how you must feel..i have tonz of music on my laptop too..and i dread the day it will crash (with the amount of stuff there is loaded on it..sighh)
stumbled on your blog by accident,and i was giggling at the "mallu" post!!