Friday, April 08, 2005

Boardroom Material

Since this was the last day of the 'orientation programme' here, it was very free and people just sat around chatting in the conference rooms. I was surprised at the bullshit people say and the correlation between how much people talk and how much sense they make. One guy was was spewing a lot of 'information' but none of them were factually correct. For instance, He was saying that if India was not populated and was like America or Australia, we would have been 'pushed to some desert' like the Europeans did in those places. I don't know about that claim, but what he told next was shocking - the natives of Australia were 'Africans', they were very advanced till some 60 years back and now they are just pygmies - his exact words. They may be negroid, but they definitely are not Africans, or pygmies, for that matter. He also gaveout some other information, which were as ridiculous as this.

There was also this guy from Nigeria - actually an India whose (grand)parents migrated to Nigeria and this guy came back to India for work. He told about one guy who lived in a shanty across his housing society and bought a lexus and other cars, built a mansion in just one
year. He told that he did just one 419 job and got about 20 million US Dollars!

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