Wednesday, April 13, 2005

F-ing Madrasi

There used to be a time when any South Indian was called a 'Madrasi'. People think it is because they lived in the city called Madras (now Chennai) and people from outside 'Madras' (the city) used to take offense and give reason against being called a Madrasi that they have not even visited Madras city. Alas, they are as ignorant as the peasant who calls South Indians Madrasis. One Hindi-chauvinist moron told me that anyone south of the Vindya Range was called a Madrasi. Madrasis are called so not because they come from Madras city but because the province they used to live was called Madras state whose capital city was Madras City. This was during the British rule and Gults, and Kandus and Mallus all 'secceded' from Madras state to form their own states. This is their gripe - they are not ruled from Madras anymore, then why are they still called Madrasis? Gulti morons had another fight even while they separated form the state. They wanted Madras city because it had a huge Gulti population. It is like saying Bombay belongs to Gujarat because it has a huge Gujju population. We had already lost Kolar to Karnataka, Tirupati to Andhra Pradesh and Palakkad to Kerala because 'they had a substantial population' that spoke 'their language'. If they had succeeded, Madras city would have been outside Madras state. Thankfully, the geezer that fasted for this died and we won.

After Madras state was renamed as Tamil Nadu in the 60s, and later on Madras city renamed as Chennai, a new breed of morons came up which just globally replaced Madras with chennai in any name, even though their official names were never changed. So, University of Madras (in their tiny brains) became University of Chennai, Madras Medical Mission became Chennai Medical Mission and the High Court of Madras was referred to as High Court of Chennai (again, in their peanut sized grey matter). There were idiots from the states of Karnataka, Kerala and Andhra Pradesh (which separated from 'Madras' after a lot of riots), were reluctant to go by the official name of 'Chennai'. Even Madras Medical College which 'lost' its 250 year old name to the stupid sounding Chennai Medical College reverted back after losing its standing in the world market.

Now, people here are no longer called Madrasis, they are called 'Anna' which is the tamil word for big brother. It is easier to call one anna than a Madrasi. The maid which I employed to wash my clothes (6 shirts exactly) called me a miser after I refused to pay her the full 50 Rupees she demanded. She had washed my room mate's 3 shirts for only Rs. 25. It is not even proper washing, she just dipped it in water and gave it to _me_ to hang it dry. She told me that it is Rs. 50 because I gave her more clothes to wash. After some staring down, I finally gave her Rs. 35. That is when she told me I was 'a miser just like the anna next door.' What nerve!

During my last job in Market Research, I had to meet a 'respectable man' of another organisation for an interview. When I said Bombay instead of Mumbai, he stopped me and told me off - 'You' expect people to call Madras as Chennai, and 'we'expect Mumbai instead of Bombay. He is not from Mumbai by the way and even people from Mumbai refer to it frequently as Bombay. There was one interesting thing he told me - about 'values' and other notions which he held. He: 'If I want my son to be a good person, I have to lead by example. I should not expect him to not smoke or drink if I do the same.' Fair enough, that is some good stuff. Then he told me that 'if there is a naked woman laying on the side of the road, I will immediately close my eyes with my hands, and my son will also do the same.' I was shocked! If there is a naked woman lying on the side of the road, I expect myself and even my father to first cover the poor woman. Even if that means giving the shirt off my back. Then the interview went downhill from there (for me atleast). I just sat there, phased out and smiling at him, occasionally nodding.

There are also some politicians calling to stop the influx of people into Mumbai and non-Mumbaikars leaving this place. If we take it to mean only Marathi speaking people who have lived in Mumbai for atleast 10 generations, then the Chief Minister has to leave this city after his term because he is not a Mumbaikar. Earlier it was any non-Marathi, then non Hindi (that is 'Madrasis'), then it was anyone who was not born in Mumbai, later anyone who came in the last 10 years, now it only slum dwellers that have to leave. The only reason people have been moving into Mumbai is because this is the only place where companies set up their offices. Even when software/BPO companies are coming up in Bangalore or Gurgaon or Hyderabad, some people still prefer to have big offices in Mumbai. They give a reason that only Mumbai has good infrastructure and the Chief Minister himself requests people to set up offices in Mumbai. Then he goes about saying 'no to immigration.' The same with New Delhi, it gets all the money it wants, all the main events like Asian games, etc. One moron (one of my cow-workers) says that New Delhi should get all of it because it is the Capital City and even Olympics are conducted only in capital cities. Which idiot says that? St. Louis, Atlanta and Los Angeles were not the capital cities of the USA, nor were Melbourne or Sydney Australia's or Barcelona Spain's capital cities. Then he changes his reason to say that only Delhi has the 'proper infrastructure' to host these games. I remember Delhi got its first fly-over only during the '84 Asiad and developed its infrastructure after getting to host various other conventions. If only the other cities were given a chance, they will try to atleast 'spruce up' themselves.


Adaengappa !! said...

Aur ek madarasi in Mumbai..kai zhala??

Anonymous said...

all madrasis r pieces of left over rotten black shit....whether they like it or not....its d bitter truth! NORTH INDIANS RULE...MAN!!!

Nimish V. Goray said...

Dont worry boss. Mumbaikars are tired of the stinking bhaiyyas from UP and Bihar. But one thing that really pisses us off is that south indians especially tamils and telugu people living in Mumbai do not know any marathi, even though they have been residents for over two decades. This is not true for all tamils though, this is only true for about 40% of them. Purrida? So do not worry too much. Sariya?

Anonymous said...

north indians rule ? why ur borthers are begging for jobs in chennai ?

Anonymous said...

'Chennai' is derived from the Telugu word 'Chennapatnam'. Yes, it is true that the city contains a huge Telugu population (40% of the chennaites are Telugus) and more than half the people know the language. The business at the time of state reorganization was dominated by Telugus, and even now the IT industry there, and even the IIT campus contains more Telugus than Tamils. These saner south indians from Andhra, and speakers of the mellifluous Telugu, also known as 'Italian of the East', don't in any way want to be associated with Tamils, or the word 'Madras'.

Anonymous said...

Guys, Don't waste time on Gultis and tamilians...I don't consider them as Indians. They are fucking shit !! These bastards when they come to USA, specially gultis, they malign the image of India with their stupidity. If any American asks me why you have a short name while others have big names...palli..hulli..tatty..etc etc.. I tell them I'm an Indian and they are South Indians.

Raghavendra said...

I agree with one asshole who referred to South-indians as non-indians but as South Indians. North indians are ashamed of their hopeless situation and are jealous of the success of Sout indians.

I pity their mental state, they feel helpless when south is making massive progress.

Sout hindinas will be more than happy when South india is separated from noth. North india is a pile of shit. North indians are good in one thing producing population.

North indians are illeterate, religious fantics. North indians are unfairely sharing success of South indians.

Instead of trying to malign South indians they sould clean their ass first

Raghavendra said...

I agree with one asshole who referred to South-indians as non-indians but as South Indians. North indians are ashamed of their hopeless situation and are jealous of the success of Sout indians.

I pity their mental state, they feel helpless when south is making massive progress.

Sout hindinas will be more than happy when South india is separated from noth. North india is a pile of shit. North indians are good in one thing producing population.

North indians are illeterate, religious fantics. North indians are unfairely sharing success of South indians.

Instead of trying to malign South indians they sould clean their ass first

tam said...

Let me give u all the south iNdians half naked dravidians one truth You use to rule over India it is aryans who threw you on the other side of Vindhyas.You use to worship god that occurred from concepts of indus valley civilizatione.g Indra ,Varuna vishnu.
Now come to the north Indian success.Tell your females to stop wearing Salwar Kameez which will tell u ur actual half naked truth.
Secondly the toppers in IIT and IAS exam for the last 8 years from when i satrted keeping in track has been North Indians.By topper i mean the first boy only.Again tell me an institute which is in south india apart from IISc bangalore which is the best in india in its own feild. Your most worshipped hero like Rajnikant who was a big flop show in Mumbai in his initial trail....Dont have this misconcept that he landed straight into tamil films.Even the richest silicon valley entreprenuer is sabeer bhatia a punjabi and the richest indian is Ln Mittal a calcutta born marwari...... so who should be jealous the feeder or the fed....???

Anonymous said...

The South Of the Country should pool all its resources and form its own Country.Its time The South had its Own Country After All we have a different culture when compared to the North.It would be appropriate to Have South as a country of its own ...Its high time we got our freedom.Hope Someday somebody would start of with a South Indian freedom movement.

Anonymous said...

You people who advocate this north - south divide must be shot dead and fed to dogs. Do something to shrink this rift, not to widen it. Purida? Samjhe? Samjhi gayo? Kalale?

Raj said...

Hi All,

So sad to see we discuss as North Indians and south Indians.

We are Indians first.
British seperated us with Divide and Rule Policy..
We had been ruled by foreign rulers for quite a long time because we fight among ourselves.

Every one had contributed to this Nation...Everyone from North, South, East and West struggled and sacrified their life for our freedom

Who is that educated idiot who talks about South Indian freedom movement.

One more idiot talks about PUNJABI & Marwari as rich..

Dont forget Infosys, Wipro and Satyam a well..

Chennai is often reffered to as Intellictual Capital of India

See indian statistics for literacy percentage in North and South.

Do North Indians learn tamil & kannda when they work in Chennai/bangalore. I dont think so.

Iam a expatriate for last 5 years and lets all of us try to build our country..

Instead of getting of salaries in dollars lets start employing foreigners in our country and make other country to work for us.

Aditya Gopalakrishnan said...

Tam and 2 anonymous fools who have commented on this blog, I'm sick of idiots like you. The word Madrasi,because of the way it is used, is a slur, and nothing else. As a South Indian growing up in Delhi, I have had to to deal with this all my life.

I speak Hindi as well as any of my friends, I don't have the stereotypical accent which most North Indians love to mock, and my complexion isn't dark either. So, ppl here in Delhi react positively to me, until they hear my full name, Aditya Gopalakrishnan. Then, all of a sudden, a sneer appears on their faces as if they have figured out everything about me.

We, as ppl living in modern India, like to consider ourselves to be moderate, open minded and reasonable. But after reading these comments, I'm certain that is as far from reality as can be.

Raghavendra and the anonymous fool, I'm sick of idiots like you. Instead of disproving the statements of bigots like the ones on this space,you start baselessly insulting a community with arguments that can be easily shattered. As a result, you start giving your critic the satisfaction and comfort of being right. You too are acting like a bigot.

And, ppl like you, when we, i.e. South Indians living in North India come back to our home towns, you treat us like aliens.

We as south Indians are a joke in today's mainstream media. We are given no respect whatsoever, be it in films, advertisements , tv shows. And, the worse thing is, we don't stand up aagainst it. When there were bombings at theatres which were showing "Jo Bole So Nihal" , I actually felt ashamed because a lot worse is shown about South Indians in scores of movies.

We have to stand up, we can't let ppl run their mouths about us.

Aditya Gopalakrishnan said...

I am Indian. Don't ever fucking tell me otherwise.

Mahendra said...

Why are you guys fighting ..I think u guys are sick..

யாத்திரீகன் said...

hm.. i was pretty surprised to see couple of ppl mentioning themselves as Indians and others as SouthIndians.. esp to a guy from Other country... and couple of ppl offending them back the same way...

such sick ppl from either direction of the country should be slicked off....

If such thoughts show your greatness of your Communicty/Place you belong to, I Pitty !!!

Anonymous said...

All madrasi's and rajnikant ass kickers , plz join this effort to kick their ass once more . This is my community on orkut which is called Anti Rajni , its making waves of fury in all his fans and i need support of you guyz to wipe them out completely. Here is the link to that community . You must have a gmail account to register to orkut. --- Thanks

Anonymous said...

Every guys have their hero
Punju's have sunny and Dharam Paji
so does Tamil in Rajni and Kamal
Telugu in NTR and ANR
Kannadigas in Rajkumar

above all Indian have their hero in AB

let be united and fight the jooker who poke at us ....Indian
We people who are living in India are good enough for them and we don't need either Gyan and Bahasan for guys who ran away to make your lifes elsewhere.

Jai Bharat mata ki

Anonymous said...

hello... what the hell is wrong with you people, Indian has enough problems of its own, dont fight between ourselves.... thats why we lost to the british and the mogols, because we never had a united front. yeh sure north indians maybe bad at IT and stuff... but they are great at business and other business related stuff. Every econmy needs a mixture of businesses. the South will never jus survive on IT, while the north will not just survive on businesses. Both sides need to unite, then we can be the bestest country in the world (not that we already arent :D)

Anonymous said...

If we separate the cow belt states UP, MP and Bihar from India then India will become a developed nation over a night. These three states are only the culprits to pull down India’s progress. The cow boys from this cow belt always thinking about the cow dung (shit!). Throughout the history they over ruled by Turks, Mugals and British they lost their culture, temples and own language.

Anonymous said...


To Tell the truth to all North Indians who wags their tail....remember.....ARYANS are not from India centuries before...thery migrated. But Dravidians are from India. In short, India was theirs before the Aryans came to India and divided the socitey based on occupation. There are numerous reference in Tamil Literature to prove Aryans came to India for trade and that Tamil is one of the most ancient language compared to Sanskrit.

Onda Vantha pidari oor pidariya viratuchu....

Like that, now you aryan guys talk about things which doesnt even belong to you..

Anonymous said...

I really pity the northindians on the way they think about the south indians. They are quite like nomads with no place of their own. Majority of south indians living in amchi mumbai can swear on mumbai & speak much better hindi and marathi than the locals.

Anonymous said...

U both are piece of shit.One is darker than other what's the difference.both of you were ruled by invaders.I belive very soon this going to happen again.On other hand its very involving activity do call each other shit.u shit people.I fucked a madarasi girl yesterday last week i fucked bombay setteled nort indian enjoyed both.tera shit mera shit jab uper wale ne banane mein farakh nahin kiya tu or mein kaun hote hain shit mein farakh karne wale

Anonymous said...

I think you ALL should be ashamed of yourselves. Instead of uniting as one country everyone is arguing about how one side is better than the other. PLEASE GROW UP AND GET A LIFE!!!

Anonymous said...

Again, UNITY is the KEY. Do NOT malign your countrymen, north or south. especially on blogs.

Blogs are not a place to vent as in some posts here.

Too many countries have taken advantage of all the complex diversity in a country and ruled over them.

Just having an advanced degree is no good unless you have vision.

Anonymous said...

There are no North Indians or South Indians. All are equals. All are human. All are siblings. Live peacefully together.

Anonymous said...

I am a North Indian living in South India. I have seen that Tamils are so pure in their soul and so innocent. They love everyone despite color or race. They are very intelligent. And if you look carefully at them, you wont see any difference between them and north indians. Only the skin may differ. It is just melanin. And about mumbaikars, recently, during the monsoon havoc, we saw how they stood united. So there is nothing based on caste. After living for so many thousands of years together, we have all mixed well and have created a new Race....The INDIAN RACE. so dont divide is beautiful. North Indians and South Indians live so peacefully in Tamil Nadu. Tamils are very peace loving and very nice.

We are all INDIANS

Cuddapah Reddy said...

First things first. If you want respect then you should give respect. I have heard these comments about south indians too. Most of North Indians I have come accross have this complex of being better than South Indians which is very untrue. They make fun of names, color, language, etc. Names are long but they are true Hindu names and which we are proud of. Every name has a deep meaning. Regarding color, most of NIndians I have encountered are of the same color as SIndians, a few NIndians are fairer and few SIndians darker though, but on the whole most Indians look alike, so dont give me that NIndians are better lookers. Bollywood represents only 1% population of India not 99% which is dark skinned. If you NIndians considered urselves to be fair, then you guys dont even have the color of white man's arsse. Regarding the language comment which I hear a lot, you guys dont even know what you are talking about. All SIndian languages are beautiful and melliflous. Most of the sahitya academy awards are won by SIndian languages. If you cant speak the language then you cannot comment on it. So shut the fucrk up. I think to teach those Bollywood producers to respect SIndian languages we have to do what we(I)(Cuddapah) are famous for, place some crude B's or remote B's under their arses and then see if they want to make more movies degrading us. Regarding NIndian ppl who insult us, some (both men & women who feel and talk arrogantly & in a rascist way) should be given the pee(peeing in their mouths) treatment. Then everything will be set allright. Its high time these NIndian motha fockers get some treatment before they open their filthy mouths.

Anonymous said...

well frankly speaking there are rotten eggs in north south everywhere

just coz a few buggers who think just coz they are northies or southies and go on bragging about it does not make a difference.

Im from pune and i have had a good share of decent northies and southies. So all those people who put their region, before being Indians PLEASE LEAVE THIS COUNTRY.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...

Amit Kumar Jha said...

Ah! I cant and should not comment on the divide between the two parts of India..... as i am myself a big nationalist... but to be really true to myself and everybody else... there's a definite lack in the manners and etiquettes that i find in south as compared to north india...
no doubt the heart of a S.Indian would be as true as anyone else but the end product does matter...its the presentation that steals the show, I mean the way the people in S.India speak is nowhere close to mannerful. The way a situation is handled or rather manhandled can be illustrated in the traffic situations of bangalore...I am hell sure bangalore has to go at least a good 30-40 years when it would be anywhere close to the infrastructure and road manners of del/mum of today. But me being in b'lore now wud certainly wish the infrastructure and traffic here to improve very fast... anyway best of luck to the administration here(which is certainly an example of sloth).... hope they better the situation here in the silicon valley of india... or otherwise hyderabad is not far behind or as a matter of fact gurgaon(did anyone know this place 10 years ago, well its the place of Dronacharya, Gurugram)....
And my sincere apologies to anybody getting hurt.... and a sincere request to the people and road users in bangalore ..Plz dont destroy ur own city with ur attitude ...its got to go a long way...and certainly a nice behavior is an advantage and a big constructive force! best of luck!

Anonymous said...

All you people who have read this article and the comments that follow, pls see this movie called American History X.

Anonymous said...

Boss all the people please stop fighting.... We as a country can be great, or least can be recognized globally, not as north india or south india. If you want to consider pile of shit or gems, I would say good and bad both you can find in north india as well as south india......

Anonymous said...

A Telugu person designed India's Flag, and for you Nazi supremicists Andhras are a mix of North/South genetically. North supremacy my ass, think of everyone equal or fuck off, HOW DARE U SUPREMESISTS CALL UR SELVES INDIANS OR HINDU'S even you are no better than those ARAB DOGS, FU AND FUCK OFF FROM INDIA,if im not correct Bimaru states are the main reason for population problems and poverty, take care of those struggling people instead of wasting time talking about superiority. Im am a Telugu from Mumbai, I and see India as one and dont discriminate like you FUCKERS.U SUPREMISISTS ARE NO BETTER THAN THE PAKIS. U DESERVE EACHOTHER.

Anonymous said...

Etiqutte in South? I have seen people shit in the Middle of Bombay and you tell me of etiquette..... Family planning is also lacking in the Central BIMARU area, you guys multiply like locusts and cant take care of your own children, Bihar is the KIDNAPPING CAPITAL of India and like the GUY ABOVE SAID A TELUGU GUY MADE INDIA'S TRICOLOUR FLAG YOU PPL SHOW OFF AL THE TIME. IF YOU HATE SOUTH INDIANS MAYBE YOU SHOULD MAKE A NEW FUCKING FLAG. I personally have no hatred or ill will against people from anywhere in India but reading such uneducated bullshit really pisses me off, and all this coming from me a TRUE INDIAN NATIONALIST FROM PUNJAB.

Anonymous said...

Im sure South Indians are dumb thats why most of the IT jobs and foreign IT investment is coming there and Bill Gates referring to them as "South Indians are the "second smartest people in the world, after the Chinese." While most of the menial jobs go to places like Bihar etc..........repect them and evryone in India and stop fighting like dumbasses you ppl must BE PAID BY ISI FOR DIVISIVE TALK, GO LIVE IN PAKISTAN. Sale Paki niklo.......!

Stephen Lewis said...

Dont think of too much of your self being a south indian or a north indian. All you idiots first be an indian and dont fight urself that too in blogs where all your comments will be read by peoples all around the world. If you dont feel proud of an
Indian atleast dont make others ashamed of being an Indian becoz of ur blogs and communal conversation.

Gulti_Eliminator said...

Gultis are the worst of the species, Indian or otherwise. These bloodsucking leeches lie on their resumes, picking fellow gulti vegetables over qualified candidates and run slave labor in the US. They come from the shittiest state in the world, with the shittiest capital. The cheating begins early in the game with Osmania 'University'. This so called institute sells degrees to any moron with a face. Speaking of which, gulti women are the ugliest things you've ever seen! Only a gulti nerd to screw anything that looked like that! I guess the Gujjis can be dumb but mark my words, Gultis will be responsible of singlehandedly destroying the credibility of Indian immigrants to the US. We should give them their freedom from India.

Anonymous said...

i am a north indian n have many northies n southies as frnds, what a shame tat i have to tell it to my compatriots tat we r the same. saala we share the same problem n we have endured difficult times together.
i think the pple who r arguin tat either the southies r gret or vice versa r fuckin losers. the next time u find urself in such an argument do this, think of the best north indian u've known if u r a southie, n the best south indian u've known if u r a northie. dont let this language, color(LOL) shit affect u. i have equal respect n love for any indian whether he hails frm A.P, T.N, Karnatka, mumbai, delhi, kolkotta, bihar, UP, a muslim ,any place yaar it doesnt matter at all. its only when u have nothin imp to do n a lot of time to kill u get thoughts like these. once we all shud go n live abroad for few years n then we will realize that this shit doesnt matter at all. peace brothers.

Anonymous said...

when one gets in serious trouble he/she forgets all their prejudices n unites vth anyone. just a thought, which i find funny.

Anonymous said...

this place is shit enought to visit but all fucking tamil bastards who were born of monkeys and rakshasas will be the one who will go to the us and fight for a seprate state there as they are doing in sri lanka. i also think that all tamils in india aka bastards aka aram will surely fight for a separate country some time in the future and they would form another ltte which already is a fucking organisation proving them as breeds of rakshasas.plz fucking maroon these fucking tamils on a separate island and plz do take ur rakshas tamil girls along with you.who would want to fuck a rakshas girl anyway.get the fuck out of india you mther fucking ravana worshippers .

Anonymous said...

this place is shit enought to visit but all fucking tamil bastards who were born of monkeys and rakshasas will be the one who will go to the us and fight for a seprate state there as they are doing in sri lanka. i also think that all tamils in india aka bastards aka aram will surely fight for a separate country some time in the future and they would form another ltte which already is a fucking organisation proving them as breeds of rakshasas.plz fucking maroon these fucking tamils on a separate island and plz do take ur rakshas tamil girls along with you.who would want to fuck a rakshas girl anyway.get the fuck out of india you mther fucking ravana worshippers .

Anonymous said...

that was a great post above.I like that .If i were you dude may be i would say they would set up not LTTE but LRRE(*read liberation rakshasas of rakshasa eelam) or LBBE(liberation bastards of bastards eelam) .And about the tamil girls they are tho most ugly ones on this planet.They mostly fall for guys from other states, but i would say they would mostly be virgins by the time of their marriage bcz no one even gives them a second glance they r so ugly.I am a mumbaikar and after reading a post by this gulti_elimiminator i had to post this.hey u gulti_eliminator first know about yourself before u post something on others.whatya say guys.thumbs down tamil (rakshasa bastards).as the above guy said go and pray to ravana to help make your souls get better.

Anonymous said...

pakki northies got raped by muslims for a thousand years. why brag of pushing s.indians to the south? your mother, your grandmother, your great grandmother, everyone has been raped since day 1.

what aryan are you talking about? you northies are blacker than the nether regions of my asshole. you like to talk shit about southies, while pakis call you niggers. afghans call pakis niggers. persians call afghans, niggers. and white people call persians, niggers. in short, everyone that isn't a nigger is called a nigger.

northies learn the tradition of respect and culture from mahadakshina. since you don't have any and were raped for a thousand years by muslims.

Anonymous said...

Why does a SI call himself Indian if he cant speak the national language- Hindi?
Forget north indian and south indian divide..... we are NIs who live in bangalore now and we were surprised that even the southies quarrel among themselves. A Kannadiga will spit, claw and scratch a Tamilian irrespective of whether he is a cardiologist or a car mechanic.

Socrates said...

Such mud-flinging between two corners of the country happens everywhere, be it the U.S or Europe.
West Germans consider themselves superior than the East Germans.

In tthe U.S, you will find clashes between the West Coast and the East Coast ( which is so evident in 'rap' music).

It has little to do with education.
Even if India is 100% literate, such clashes will happen.

I am a South Indian though I dont look like one. I was brought up in W.Bengal and have travelled up north and lived there for several years.

I must admit that North Indians are an industrious lot. They are hard-working people. Most of them are unaware of the South( even educated ones) . For them, South Indian cuisine is basically idli/dosa. Period. They have no clue than the Southerners have at least 8 distinct cuisines.

And the second most important point widely discussed: skin colour. Trust me, my North Indian friends, all Southies are not as dark as you think. Most comminities like Coorgis, Bunts, Nairs, Iyers,Iyengars or Syrian Christians could give you stiff compretion in terms of looks.
Remember, the best looking women in the Hindi Film industry has always been South Indian women.
Madhubala, Meena Kumari, Hema malini, Sridevi, Jaya Prada, Shilpa Shetty , Ashwariya Rai, etc.

I guess, ignorance is bliss for most of us :)

I agree with the Northies when they say that Southies do not speak Hindi or they do not want to.
I agree, dudes.
But tell me one thing, lets say, post independance, if the leaders of Independant India had decided to impose TAMIL as the national language, how would have the bhaiyas and the behenjis reacted? They would have been hysterical. Isnt it?
Exactly, thats my point. But its too late now. Let us accept the fact, that Hindi is indeed a unifying language. You can survive in almost any part of India with a smattering of Hindi.

It's sad to know that Southerners tend to ignore Northerners as much as possible in the South. But who is to be blamed? It is callous behaviour from both sides.

After reading the comments in the previous posts, I am not surprised by the fact at all that we were enslaved by the Turks, Mongols and the Brits for several centuries.

India is a conqueror's paradise with shameless people like us.

Anonymous said...

.....if a real united india is to be achieved not only do we have to stop bikkering amongst ourselves about skin colour an what region we are from north or south ! but we have to educate the masses on issues of caste ! if some 1 is brought up to believe they will be a low caste an that poverty is just thier fate obviously they are going to give up and wont resist against opression from brahmins and other higher castes of the community.The real united india would involve the rich not showing distain towards the poor or even rich lower caste people ...and before anyone starts to whine at me about what caste i am grandma was a brahmin and my grandpa was not ...but i like they did choose to look beyond the superficial social status given to us by ..whom ?!?.......finally LOL what i dont get is evry 1 celebrates mahatma gandhi as a hero (which he was) ..but no one wants to follow his politics !.....INDIA IS ONE COUNTRY and anyone who wants to segregate people because of thier skin colour is a ignorant racist fool. I mean no wonder the europeans took over so easily they are whiter than the brahmins so are they better according to some stupid logic displayed by earlier comments this would be the case ?!....why not stop the self harming and realise that we are one of the most culturally diverse and culturally rich country in the world with a history that dates back to the dawnings of civilisation.....please educate yourself and then make a sensible decision about the individuals character before judging by skin colour or caste ...!!!!!!...

Anonymous said...

All southies uncivilized barbaric ravans should get lost from HINDUSTAN and along with those balck idiots....all their crappy languages must be wiped out as well....when they speak...they sound like a the noise of a coin in an empty jar....ting ting ting ting!!!!!!!!lolzzz!!!!
Hindi/Urdu rules!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I live outside India and some southies look so horribly ugly and unsophisticated with no aesthetic sense at all.........that in front of other people here, I feel ashamed to call them my countrymen.......THEY JUST SPOIL THE NAME OF HINDUSTAN WITH THEIR PATHETIC IMAGE!!!!!!!!!!!!!



Anonymous said...

East or West Indis the Best!!The most diversified country in the world...Unity in Diversity - someone coined aptly. Every state, every region, district, city, town, village as its flavour - unique in its own. Take a simple example - language. Hindi- so many variations are there - the one spoken in Delhi is so different than that in Lucknow and so different in Kanpur. Marathi - so different on Mumbai and Pune. Tamil - so different in Chennai and Madurai, Oriya - so different inBhubhaneshwar and Behrampur...well this can go on and on and on...Still inspite of these suttle differences (nuances i would say) we all have one thign in common - we all are Indians. Thats the bottomline..the ultimate truth!!

tuluva vellala (bunt mudiraja) said...

I can't believe that North Indians are so ignorant of caste origins. No caste is as rich as the Mudaliars down South and no caste is as cultured in the whole of India. The lowliest castes are found in the North India, where no caste is not even as rich as the Bunts, Nairs, Naickers, Rajus etc except the Rajputs and Jats who are more comparable but certainly not as rich. The per-capita income of North India is much lower than that of South India.

The South Indian high castes so-called dravidians, have Eurasian-specific Y-chromosome and mt-dna haplogroups found nowhere else in India except Western India.
The Mudaliars (Bunt Mudiraj), Nairs and Bunts are among the comeliest of asiatic races. These so-called dravidians, are comelier than the North Indians except the Western Indians who are more comparable and the others have round faces, low skulls, bland facial features, pale skin etc. The R1a1 haplogroup which was hitherto thought to be of Central Asian origin, has been confirmed to be of indegenous origin in most castes of India.

The Mudaliars of Tamil Nadu are the richest community in the whole of India and also have BC quota to amass more wealth. They were administrators from historic times and even during British times. Even today, each household has billions of rupees.

More details about this and more about dominant castes like Mudaliars at

tuluva vellala (bunt mudiraja) said...

Mudaliars of Tamil Nadu rule Bangalore Cantonment. Many of them are my relatives. My great grandfather too lived in a big house in Bangalore. Mudaliars talk Tamil even today and made it the undeclared official language of the cantonment and that is why Kannadigas hate Tamils. Mudaliars will not listen to others but they dictate and that is in their genes. The middle-eastern haplogroup J2b2 found in the Mudaliar population says it all.

Not only are they kings in their own realm but they become kings wherever they go. This is shown in Sri Lanka too. The leader of LTTE belongs to the Mudaliar caste (Pillai subcaste) and the Sri Lankans hate Tamils because Mudaliars have all the money and power which the Sinhalese (settlers from Orissa) lack. Ofcourse, being born in a royal caste is entirely different from being born in a civilian caste. During the British era, all the administrative posts were occupied by the Mudaliars in Sri Lanka. It's because of the dominance of Mudaliars in all the fields in Sri Lanka that the Sinhalese are scared to allow the Tamil-speaking people. There the Mudaliars succeeded to impose Tamil and their code of conduct compiled in a book called Tesawalamai on the people in the Tamil-speaking areas.

Can u find any community as dominant as this?

Anonymous said...

Bunts? There are like three good looking girls from that community and you think you are great. Give me a break. Northerners are well built and have good features. Dark or fair northerners have sharpass features. Go to Rajasthan and see how many good looking Rajputs you see.

The fvcking Turk and Moghul inbreds wanted OUR women instead of their own. Read about it. They all went for Rajput and Punjabi brides.

We have kept India and Hinduism alive for 1000 + years.

Imagine a freakin Kannada or Tamil against Aurangzeb!!! Hilarious. He would cut your entire population up.

Anonymous said...

The place you guys call India or hindustan or whatever is f***k getting screwed by politicians and people like you who fight over greatness... on the whole we are all dumb farts ... That's why Western countries take advantage of us. If there is culture left it's in south.

Anonymous said...

Aryan Invasion?.. What a fu**king story .. do you think it's true?.. Western Stories about India are just lies ... There is an evidence in parts of south and northern India there was civilization around 10,000 BC... Don't get fooled by what westerners taught you ....

tuluva vellala (bunt mudiraja) said...

Fools, it was not I who said that Bunts and Nairs, including Mudaliars are among the comeliest of Asiatic races, it was the famous American historian E.T. Thurston who wrote in his book 'Castes and Tribes of India'. Just see howmany undifferentiated haplogroups the North Indian population and compare with that of the Mudaliar population. 37% J2b2 and 13% R1a1 with regional adaptations in L1 and H1 shows why they are among the comeliest of Asiatic races.

tuluvavellala said...

Rajputs have primitive haplogroups like C,L,H etc at high frequencies. Soon I'll add genetic analysis of Rajputs on my website. These primitive haplogroups are because they were central asian settlers. The Vellalas (Rai-meaning "descendant of a king"), Bunts and Nairs are arabs from the middle east. These people have the mediterranean haplogroup J2b2 exclusively of the M241 genetic marker found in the whole of europe at polymorphic frequecies. It is because of the majority of Nairs in Kerala and a significant number of Bunts and Rais in Karnataka that many people say that Malayalees and Kannadigas are the best looking in India.

The British colonists in India said that North Indians were "aryans" and south indians were "dravidians" from Anatolia. The truth is that the so-called "dravidians", the Nairs, Vellalas/Rai, Bunts were indeed from the middle east and probably from anatolia itself. What should be noted is that the british never said that the aryans were better-looking than the dravidians. This just shows why fair-skinned, beautiful individuals with sharp mediterranean features (befitting a royal class) not found in the rest of the subcontinent and even anywhere between the middle east and India. The dominant J2b2 at an astoundingly high frequency as that found in the middle east explains their high status in the society as opposed to the far lower status of north indian castes like Rajputs, Jats, Marathas, Gujjars, in their respective states.
In tamil nadu, the mudaliars are only a miniscule minority but still they have always remained the richest and probably the richest in the whole of india. This is the only caste in the whole of india which consists of descendants of rulers/administrators. One of my uncle was a vellala mirasidar in Mettupalayam. All the zamindars were only appointed from this caste. We even have a BC quota and are en route to getting the MBC quota. Brahmins and north indians can hardly compete with even the Nairs and Bunts (descendants of warriors). Just see the way the whole of Bangalore city and cantonment are in the hands of mudaliars who went with the British from tamil nadu. Note: Most of them are related to me. Predominantly, north-indian high castes are bland -featured mongrels of central asian origin bearing aboriginal (undifferentiated)haplogroups at high frequencies.

When almost all castes are present all over india except the "dravidians", just imagine a mongrel stating that all north indians are fair in complexion and of "Aryan" origin when it is known that many uncivilised tribals like the Bhils and Kolis speak a distinct indo-aryan language. The most competent dynasties were in the south and not in the north.
The Negroid haplogroup, A, is found in a place in England.
The J haplogroup is found in southern England.
Britons (celts) were settlers from Turkey.
The J haplogroup is found all over europe.
Italians who ruled england for 500 years and civilised it predominantly bear the J haplogroup.
Arabs invaded parts of Southern Europe.
Dravidian languages originated in India itself according to latest studies.
These facts were conveniently overlooked by the colonists.

The per capita income in south india is greater than north india.

No indian thinks. This is the reason why india is rediculed by every Tom, Dick and Harry around the world.

The truth is out there on my website:
Scythian Origin of Mudaliars-

Anonymous said...

Where the Hell Do North Indians rule..!Why Do You stinking a..hles end up in Bangalore searching for jobs and moving like vagabonds.You dont have Manners,Ettiquete(sorry if you dont understand)..U dunno English.80% of you dont have good education.Your place is similiar to our cowsheds

Anonymous said...

AM a tamil and i know some southies i the usa or fucking crazyu, but the northie comments here drive me nuts. Oh fuck u northies,all southies should join hands with pakistana and china and fuck this nehru ka benchod haraami aulads

Anonymous said...

North indian rulE hja ha ha
fucking dilli dogs of foreigners.
Where is north india ruling
Not in kashmir
Not in kahlistan
Not in ealam
Not is asaam
Not in bengal
Not in maharashtra
And forget south,begging us for taxes .

Anonymous said...

Northerners are good looking and fair cause simply they are bastards (:>
technicallu ever girl in north india was raped for a thousan years by Landyas. So some iranian,turk,or serbains,greek fucked ur moms,so thats why ur th eblue eyed boy of bollywood. Really if there is a bastards paradise its north india north india north india!!!!:>
with nor army the the rebels of india have fucked indians pms regularly

Anonymous said...

Gultis are the fuckers of the gutter
Man what sewage flows in the USA

Anonymous said...

This is just sad. With the exception of those who have condemned the racist comments, you are all bigoted idiots.

I am a South Indian girl who was raised outside India, so thankfully I haven't had to deal with this backward-ass shit. The silliest comments I have read have thus far been from the user "Tuluva vellala'. Are you so insecure that you have to fabricate ethnic ties with Europeans? Pathetic, and I say this as someone who hails from one of the "fair and comely" castes you speak of.

The rest of you are equally pathetic. Everyone outside India thinks you look the same. Whether you're from the north, south, east or west you are all dark as shit and poor as shit. You will never amount to anything, because your whole miserable existence revolves around proving your alleged European lineage. I knew Indians were self-haters, but I never expected to see so much idiocy on one webpage.

Congrats. You've surprised even me.

Anonymous said...

Sorry to interrupt your North-south-east -west Indian fight. I saw a lot of white-dark talk going on here.
White and Indian?. I am a dutch and i have seen a lot of Indians (north -south-west or what ever) in Netherlands but never a white one. For us, Europeans you all look same. :). Culturally , the people from west cost seems a bit more civilized ( Again the meaning of being civilized may differ, depends on cultures. in western perception civilized means a society is civilized when its secular, literate, gender equality etc.)> i was one told by a enlighten indian friend that, India is what it is because of its unity in diversity. Its a shame the way you look at yourself.

dilip said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
tuluvavellala said...

Europeans will not openly admit that color has nothing with race but that is inevitably the truth. I've never seen a European with sharp Mediterranean features. If just skin-color is an indicator of beauty, even then the Chinese women are fairer in complexion than the avg. European.

Check the haplogroups of Europeans. The most beautiful men and women in Europe are only the few who have the J Y-DNA and the U mtDNA respectively.

Europeans were nomads who never knew anything about races and never knew or had the power to seggregate races. They fool themselves saying that color is what race means. If that is so, what are haplogroups for. If Europeans are supposed to be fair, how come most South Americans who are Hispanics dark even though they settled in recent history?

The game's up for "Whites". It's time to wake up to reality. Understand races who were rulers and not nomads like your ancestors were. The dominant Arab race with predominantly the J haplogroup ruled parts of Southern Europe and Southern Europe had several migrations from Arabia. That is the reason why Southern Europe has good-looking individuals. There are many fair and really beautiful individuals in south India due to the Arab rulers of the country even though the climate is harsh due to their recent settlement. Such beauty is hard to match. Aishwarya Rai, Shilpa Shetty and Priya Omanakuttan are just a few examples of J haplogroup members from south India. There are millions of such beautiful individuals.

Tuluva Vellala Raya said...

Anonymous, I am not fabricating European ties as I have no necessity to fabricate but it's the truth to its core. If your caste cannot boast of such an origin, don't bother and don't feel so jealous and inferior that you advise me not to boast about it. This is the truth and nothing other than that. It is science and not the usual nonsense preached by the European scientists who know the facts and pretend not to know.

True Origin of Britons:

Anonymous said...

Amazing, Fantastic, Erudite, Eyeopening. What started as a thought provoking article has culminated into a rainbow of ideas. With due apologies for the vilification towards communities, I personally feel that a lot of information has been shared by differant individuals.

Currently I came across the statement by Bill Gates that Tamils are the "second smartest people in the world, after the Chinese" spurred me write something on a humourous note. I typed this statement on Goggle and here I am directed to your site. I have come to know a lot about the south Indians after seeing them , hearing about them in India, Malaysia , Mumbai etc I may not entirely agree or disagree with Bill Gates views about Tamils and Chinese, however the recent happenings in the world including Malaysia and Sri Lanka has shown that the role of the Tamils in the society and their input far exceeds their percentage population (in comparision to the total population of the country or state). However we need to look into the matter from a very unbiased perspective and try to understand the situation. The need of the hour is to bring all the concerned people together and thrash out the problems. This article is written at a time when thousand of Tamils are dying in Jaffna due to the army seize. People are in prison under the internal security act for voicing out their greivances.
Let us not be Tamils, Anti Tamils, Indian,Chinese, Muslims, Hindus, Christians or Whites or Black. Let us be Human Beings First.

The world is changing at such a rapid pace that there is no room for hatred. With the current evolution of modern society atleast one member of every family in the whole world will be either an Indian or Chinese or Christian or Hindu or Muslim.

A person harbouring hatred towards any of these caste or community will be perenially miserable for the simple reason that this group will constitute almost 90% of the worlds population.

Till date democracy has proved to be the best system of government tried so far since the advent of society.
However we still remain short of avoiding indiscriminate killing of human beings. The killing of Palestinians is totally uncalled for. The Bastion of White Man's Dominance has been ripped apart by OBAMA. Never in history has an American President received such Universal acceptance especially from the third world countries.
We pray that God Give Strength, Wisdom and the support to Obama tide over the global Financial crisis. We pray that there be no room for any harm to the physical well being of Obama.

As the drama of the world situation unfolds itself all eyes will be focussed on the worlds Biggest Offender in terms of abuse of Environment, Abuse of Human Rights, Abuse of law and order. This offender is no other than Peoples Republic of China. The Military Junta of Myanmar is surviving, despite it's atrocities on its citizens, due to the full support from China. All the worlds legal and illegal mining, timber and other raw materials are exported to China. The finished goods are then sold to the rest of the world. People are eagerly lapping up these finished products including milk tainted with melamine, womens hair bands made from used condoms etc.

Inorder to share and be part of Chinas growing economy Europian, American and Asian Nations including USA, UK, France, Germany, Canada, Australia, Japan and India have ignored or refused to accept the consequence of such large magnitude of abuse of Environment, Abuse of Human Rights, Abuse of society. Chinese prostitutes from China will domitate the whole world in their trade if the societies of the world decides to be a passive onlooker.

We will soon see China being challenged to liberate Tibet. I see this are as an era for liberation of Tibet.

The violence and carnage from terrorist needs to end. With the close monitoring of the activities of the people which make this activty financially viable, we can see international terrorism coming to an end.

Anonymous said...

Amit Kumar jha,

I hope you had seen the recent surveys which declared that Chennai had the best infrastructure among Indian Cities. I am not a tamilian. Yoou first go to Bihar, Teach the illiterates how to read and write. You can see many north indians lining on the side of railway track in mumbai for shitting. There north Indians rule.

Cindy said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Cindy said...

I don't understand why everyone has such a negative impression of Madrasis and South Indians and general just because they're "dark skinned." There are many North Indians who are dark skinned as well. Also, South Indians have their own languages and their own culture - what do North Indians have? North Indian dance, language, and just about everything else was adopted from the Persians. I am North Indian from Uttar Pradesh, but believe me I have a whole lot more respect for South Indians :)

Rohit said...

South Indians in general and Madrasis in particular inbreed. They marry/shag their own sisters/mothers/cousins. They all are sick & retarded assholes with a terrible stench. Infact i can recognize a south indian with my eyes closed. The one who I smell and then faint is a south indian. They are closed minded and make every place a shithole just like themselves. All they can do is the shitty IT work which no westerner would do. I have personally fired 2 south indians from my belgian office. In my delhi office we had a rule that we won't ever hire any south indian fucking bastard.
Indians Rule , South Indians suck!!!!!

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

My dear South Indian friends, how much longer do we need to endure this humiliation from the north? Do we really need to stand this discrimination of our acient and rich languages, cultures and traditions by ignorant, uneducated, crass north Indian morons (as far as I am concerned, anything thats not in the south is north) who think being a shade fairer on average than people of the south makes them superior. These assholes even have the nerve to come begging for work in our lands and insult us here itself.

We have such ancient and vibrant languages (Dravidian family - one of the oldest in the world)and cultures. We are economically and socially far ahead of the north, and have nothing in common with them except the misfortune of being lumped togather with these bastards into one country.

If we were to seperate today and form our own country, we would be well on our way to being a developed country in no time at all. I feel sad seeing my south Indian brothers and sisters trying to pathetically defend the unity of India saying we are one country and some shit like that. We were never meant to be one country, it was a mistake from the start.

Its still not too late my friends. We need a revolution, an independence movement, much like the one that our forefathers fought to help attain India's freedom (and a lot of good that did to us, we are still second class citizens in our own country). Let us seperate our south from this pathetic excuse for a shithole that is India, and let us rid ourselves of these bloodsucking leeches that are north Indians.

Anonymous said...

North Indians are fit only to clean toilets. South Indian states have a literacy of 73 percent while on the average states like Bihar, UP and Rajasthan have an average literacy of 35 percent. India would have matched the US in development had it not been these underdeveloped BIMARU states which are pulling India down. In fact, Bihar and Rajasthan's literacy rate is lesser than most African countries. The only achievement these BIMARUs can boast of is their population. Apart from fucking and copulating, they are of no use to society.

Anonymous said...

I feel that my South Indian brothers are giving too much space to these BIMARUs. Bangalore is slowly evolving in the pattern of stinking Bihar with too many North Indians and Muslims. Wherever these North Indian bastards go, they dont respect the local language, form gangs of their own and indulge in anti-social activities. Their women dont have culture of any sort; they were extremely skimpy clothes and show off their bodies. Indian culture is all about South Indian culture; North Indians dont have any culture of their own.

Anonymous said...

The British recognised the worth of these North Indians. While there were plenty of Marathis, Bengalis and South Indians in the British bureaucracy can you point out atleast one Bihari or UP wallah. The British, intelligently, recognised that these people are only good enough to clean toilets. Unfortunately, after India became independent, our so-called "leaders" did not recognise this. That is why India is like shit today.

I appeal to my South Indians to kick out these Northies from Hyderabad, Bangalore, Chennai and other S.Indian cities to which they have migrated bcos of the IT industry. These idiots come here jobs and ultimately they try to drive us out. If "N. Indians rock", then why rnt software companies opening branches in Patna or Ranchi or Jaipur or Bhopal or Chandigarh. Why they always prefer the south?

Anonymous said...

3 of India's Nobel laureates are Tamilians. India's best music director is a Tamilian. India's greatest mathematician is a Tamilian. South Indians have 3 of India's 5 Oscar Awards. Northies, just think of where you would have been if there was no A. R. Rahman or Srinivasa Ramanujan or Abdul Kalam or Rajaji. Unfortunately, our bid to civilize these Northies has failed. They've proved again and again that they are assholes with buffalo skin.

Anonymous said...


Even the English language is related to Dravidian languages. Consider for example the similarities between the English One and Onnu (Tamil/Malayalam), Ondu (Kannada), Okkati (Telugu) and Onji (Tulu). On the contrary, the close relatives of the North Indian Aryans are the terrorists of Afghanistan and Northern Pakistan and the nomadic illiterate Central Asian people.

Anonymous said...


People aren't fools to believe that you are a great NRI industrialist with a multinational business if you are going to speak in international terms of your belgian or delhi offices and employees. it is obvious that you are an useless, jobless north indian motherfucker.

Anonymous said...

No offense to anyone contributing so seriously to this awesome discussion, but this is absolutely hilarious! I mean, seriously? You guys are fighting about being from the north and south, or which is better?
I find it interesting only to see how far people would go to rally around some vague north/south indian concept and prove to the other party which is better.

You do realize that neither group is going to be able to prove they're better, right?

I personally come from Kerala, and you can bitch all you want about it. Thought I'll let you guys know in general that I'm very amused with this whole thread. So don't let me stop you. Go on with this discussion. Does definitely make for interesting reading.

Anonymous said...

To all those who degrade others and elevate yourself based on color, region or caste, shut the F--k up and wake up and come out of ur F__king cocoons. It just shows how narrow minded, illiterate, stupid and idiotic morons you are. Current situation of India is just because of morons like this. Let me tell u one thing. Thinking that u r good looking and superior because u have lighter skin means u consider urself inferior to the whites and will have self-hatred when among them and will lick their asses and eat their sh-t even when they r kicking ur as-es all along. It is just because of f--king morons like this that made england control India for centuries together. UNITED WE STAND AND DIVIDED WE FALL. I say this in an effort to enlighten those morons
Bharat mata ki Jai (save urself)

Priyanka said...

CNN IBN a news Channel, aired a programme on why South India is better developed than North India.
The anchor also considered South Indians ‘conservative’ where women were concerned as compared to North Indian women.
north Indian are curse to India..they only know to eat rotties,shitting with their languages,we south Indian are better than you in culture,etiquette,manners,literacy,respect...u ppl don't have/know any of the one.Its all about the complexity , like some one said that its not that all NI have fairer complexion than SI n its nt dat all SI hav darker complexion .Fu** off NI (aryans)!

Mumbaikar said...

These bast rd madrasi ,once they go an invade a city like Mumabi,live here earn there living from the city and then abuse it ..close to 3 million are living in Mumbai and the same number of these bastards live in Delhi..if you don't like the people of these cities then assh..why you come here

Anonymous said...

When on earth did Mumbai become North India ?? All u nutcases get your geography and facts straight 1st.

I dont see India becoming a developed country when such
"educated" crowd of India have narrow/cheap mind and a heart full of rage. To HELL with all you punjabis/Mumbaikars/tamilians/Bihari.

Anonymous said...

dumb shits fools there is no Dravidian and Aryan race,update your brains idiots.fuck this stupids who are commenting on north and south India.