Sunday, March 13, 2005

Dad's Advice

Hmm, less than 5 days to move out of this city into Aamchi Mumbai.

My dad doesn't like me wearing t-shirts with messagees on them. To be precise, he doesn't want me to wear t-shirts with radical messages like the ones which talk agains McDonald's, Enron, President of USA, Race-relations, religious messages, etc. If someone can have misogynistic, aryan supremacist, bullshit-apologetic, why can't I have something against it? What do you say of a verse that says women, shudras, buffalos (and something else) should be whipped to keep them in place - manusmriti. Too bad no-one recognises what is on my t-shirts anyway! I also can't have non-religionistic words on my t-shirt when others can write things like 'aum is the sound of the universe' (silence is), 'jesus calls'. Someone took offense when I wore a t-shirt with something closely resembling something else. Bah!

I have been struggling for over 3 months now with my blogrolling code, none of them is showing up... so those coolies ( cool people :D, no offense ) looking for backlinks and the linkwhores pestering me have to wait till I get someone knowledgable to sort it out for me. Why do they want my links for, anyway? Do I have that much traffic?


KL said...

Good Blog. Go and wear those t-shirts, atleast now you can and should wear them in Mumbai.

Anonymous said...

Dey venna,
Evanayaavadhu thitti blog eludharadhey onakku velaiyaa

Yaarayaavadhu thittaama oru naal blog eludhu paapom

Nee thittiyavangalla oruvan

marti said...

My father is the same ;)))) Not so lucky.. ;))

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