Friday, January 21, 2005

Wally speaks...

There are two things that terrify me more than anything
2) giving a presentation
1) discussions/interviews

In presentations, too many thoughts come into my mind at the same time and I just dump the first word that is fleeting at that moment, though this is mostly due to the time constraint involved. If there is no such constraint, as in a Strategy class last term, I felt it was a breeze and gave two OK presentations. The same story before each one, start nervous, slide into the mode and go easy. Always the time is over before I can get into that mode. Also a fear of offending the team mates, reducing their grades because of this.

Interviews, I fear more than anything else. Always afraid of picking the wrong word or the wrong gesture, that might throw me out of the interview. I get into a defensive mode, which makes things even more worse. Also fear of attending an endless number of interviews. Once I crack that first interview, as I landed my first job, I quickly landed a couple more, including one to this prestigious institution. It is just a viciuos cycle, till one act breaks that cycle, tough luck with that!

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