Monday, December 27, 2004

Tsunami Videos

I see from the log that many people are searching for the Tsunami videos. You might get them here (subject to availability, or something like that). They are the BBC reports on day 0. If you are looking for more graphic videos, check the next blog. I find these giddy enough.

9 MB Divx Video -

105 MB Divx Video -

4 MB Real Media Video -

A long shot, but if anyone downloading these files know more, please post them in the comments section or email to please.

Photos by someone in (Madras) Chennai and Karaikal, Pondicherry

Thanks to the dude in Chennai who sent these links.

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Vasanth said...

Gud links Monoj. The more you see, the more painful it is. All the videos might look dramatic, but if we imagine ourself standing there at that moment, we may not be here writing all this. The saddest part is that the US Geolagical Suyvey having known about this didnot bother to inform India and Srilanka because we were not signatories to the Tsunami warning body. Saving human life should override any other considerations.