Saturday, November 20, 2004


College life is filled with pranks and pranks made it all fun. In the hostel, when there is a power outage, some guys form a train going from room to room making lot of noise and waking up everybody. Sometimes, they draw moustaches and goatees to guys in deep sleep.

The senior hillbillies don't play pranks a lot, seems they are a mature lot. But the noob hillbillies are pranksters. They send messages to everyone in the network talking something or the other. Sometimes they knock on someone's door and run away.

One of the guys, let us call him "jackfruitboy", is the butt of some jokes which you thought ended in school itself. His neighbours would paste a post-it on his door whenever they pass by, writing things like "I © <Arbit girl's name>", or "I am watching porn, don't disturb" or such silly things. Instead of pasting a "kick me" sign on his back, it is on the door.


Rajesh said...

What can I say........
You are really funny!

Anonymous said...

lol, nice one da!