Tuesday, October 12, 2004

Nortius Maximus

What is it with ethics and management schools? Pertaining to my psycho bosses entry...
We had an ethics presentation by some groups this noon. One group had selected the movie 'Runaway Jury' and ethical dilemmas in it for presentation. The guy, let us call him Nortius Maximus, starts with 'This is a brilliant movie, you must all watch it'. I thought he would be creating enough interest in us to watch the movie. The shock came when he started speaking - he just told the whole story in 10 minutes and to top that, he tells about the 'twist in the end', and gives away the motive for John Cusack's character. He gave away the climax of the movie and he was not the one to be bothered. I was just shocked. Thanks for spoiling the movie for me, arse hole! After the presentation was the following dialogue

Me: You spoiled the movie for me. You gave away the ending!
He: You should've seen this movie. I had sent a mail yesterday about this. The movie was released in 2003 and you had one whole year to see it. It was shared in the LAN also.
Me: (terribly annoyed)
He: (haughty as always)

These are the kind of guys that will give away some secrets just to be in the good books of the boss or to score a notch in their career. After the group members had come back to their seats, one guy, let us call him rollypolly, came sat near me and was talking to another guy, let us call him gizu.
RP: gizu, have you seen the movie yet?
Gizu: no...
RP: you must see it, very nice movie, a nice twist at the end.

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