Friday, October 15, 2004

Is Google going the Yahoo way?

• Yahoo was started as a Stanford project, so was Google
• Yahoo started as a search engine, so did Google
• Yahoo came just after the dotcom craze, the boom, and Y2K worries started while Google came just before the dotcom craze, the boom and Y2K worries started ending.
• Geeks swore by Yahoo, geeks swear by Google
• Yahoo stocks were a huge success. C'est la même for Google
• Yahoo acquired geocities, Google acquired blogger
• Yahoo acquired egroups, Google acquired usenet archives
• Egroups is Yahoo groups, usenet archives is now Google groups
• File attachments are not stored anymore, ditto here
• Yahoo mail's storage space of 10 MB was one of the highest at that time until Lycos etc were started; Gmail's 1 GB space was the highest until Rediffmail etc increased theirs
• Yahoo cobranded search engine for websites, Google cobranded search engine for websites
• Yahoo has Yahoo personals, Google has orkut [yes, I know orkut is not the same as Yahoo personals, but the concept is the same, right?]
• Yahoo has webrank, Google has pagerank
• Yahoo has paid links; Google has ‘ads by gooooogle’
• Yahoo stopped working with cookies turned off; Google is doing the same thing now
• Yahoo toolbar, Google toolbar
• Yahoo news, Google news
• Yahoo mail, Gmail
• Yahoo mobile, Google wireless
• etc, etc
• Yahoo shop, Froogle
• Yahoo photos, Picassa (I know, not the same, but the concept...)
• Yahoo became bloated, Google is still expanding
• People started hating Yahoo after it became big; people have just started for Google (
• Yahoo IPO, Google IPO

These are just the similarities and Google's features are (currently) way better than Yahoo's but everybody likes an underdog and child is the father of man. Google too may become what Yahoo is now, and something else may take its place. Remember IE vs. Netscape? Then it was IE vs. Opera and now it is IE vs. Mozilla. Every pair adds some features to itself and reach their critical mass after which they both near-collapse. One has the power to stay afloat while the other sinks and a fledgling takes it place.

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