Thursday, October 14, 2004


Some guys seem to think I must be a loser for keeping this blog and talk to all ye faithful readers (anyone, please?) Some of the most vocal guys seem to think that since I attacked them personally in this blog, they have to write comments for every article that I have written so far. The anonymity provided by the internet and anonymous comments allowed seem to be very favourable for him (or them) so that he is(or they are) saying things that they would not have dared to say it (oh boy, more trouble heading my way). I have taken down the comments section just because of him (or them). He says (or they say) I seem to have a lot of time writing this blog because he seems (or they seem) to have a lot of time reading all the entries in my blog. BTW, I had a surge of visitors for this place (not exactly unique visits) and touched a new high of 215+, still climbing and pushing my blog ratings so high. Thank You, my friends, for that. I am happy to have provided another reason for your existence. Also, the name of the poster has also been changed to duffer to appease the gods that may be. Peace, man!

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