Saturday, October 02, 2004

Life is beautiful

Life sucks. As Norm Peterson said how life treated him, it beats me, and it kicks me, and leaves me for dead. Still, there is that one thing that happens which reminds you, in spite of this, life is beautiful.

A big assignment for a cruel professor, a small assignment for a kind but strict professor, backlogs in many subjects, still there is one subject which I not only willingly attend, but is the best class ever here.

Such a worry head that I am, thinking about the assignments, as I went to have my cup of tea, I saw a beautiful sight, a rainbow that formed after the rain today. Small things like these make me enormously happy, like the light shining through clouds, a stray puppy following you, your favourite song on the radio, your mom making hot snacks when you come home. Life sucks, but you will love it.

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