Wednesday, September 29, 2004

"Saint of the gutters", my Arse

• Mother Teresa as we know her now was the myth created in 1969 by Malcolm Muggeridge
• Decimated the good image Calcutta had and changed its moniker from "City of Joy" to "City of Slums", an image the city is still trying to shed
• Was opposed to birth control
• Said she wanted to open a 'special jail' for doctors who performed abortions (what would happen in these 'special jails', only she would know)
• Endorsed Sanjay Gandhi's pogrom of forced sterilisation of the poor (slumdwellers, including those who never married)
• ignored numerous other human rights abuses, sudden disappearances, perpetrated by Sanjay Gandhi and his goons
• Tried to stop the abortions by women victimised by Pakistani soldiers in Bangladesh
• Advised a 14-year old rape victim to keep the baby
• "I say, forgive" - as uttered to the Bhopal gas tragedy survivors
• founded the Missionaries of Charity
• her organisation did only token work during disasters
• while ignoring major catastrophes like Latur earthquake, Uttarkashi earthquake
• 'Special prayers' on her birthday for the people dead in Ferozpur rail crash
• Accepted the Legion d'Honneur from Jean-Claude "Baby Doc" Duvalier, the worst dictator of Haiti
• Went to Albania to pay respects to Enver Hoxha, cunning, ruthless and fanatical, and one of the most repressive rulers of the 20th century
• Accepted more than a million US dollars from Charles Keating who caused more than 21 000 old investors to lose their life savings worth US$ 285 million; a conservative catholic, it figures
• Accepted money worth hundreds of millions of pounds from Robert Maxwell who embezzled it from his employees' pension funds; an orthodox jew
• Refused to return these money when requested back by the authorities
• Money worth hundreds of millions of US Dollars parked in banks worldwide, collected in the name of charity but not used for it
• Still appealing for charities when the money collected is not being used
• Created "Houses of the Dying", not hospitals or clinics as widely believed, where poor people and lepers could go to die (was that her way of saying, ‘go to hell’?)
• But wanted only the best medical care for her
• Was exorcised while hospitalised in a wealthy hospital in Calcutta
• Quoted as wishing to finish her life in a "House of the Dying" like the poor people attended to by her organisation
• Actually died in her luxurious bedroom surrounded by modern cardiac machinery
• The 'exemplary, un-paralleled charity work' by her MoC; a myth, propagated by herself; seemed to have ended with her death


Anonymous said...

Are you totally insane??
Many people believe abortion is murder. Indeed that law exists in many countries.

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