Wednesday, September 29, 2004

Why I hate Indianisation

When I go to an American restaurant or watch an American channel, I just don’t want to do these things, I want to experience them. If I go to Pizza Hut, I want pizza with anchovies, pepperoni or sausage, not peppy paneer or chicken tikka or chicken tandoori or even chicken chettinad. That's why I prefer the local eatery to McDonald's in Mumbai. Subway and Marrybrown must be the only truly international restaurants in India. Marrybrown has the same menu as in Malaysia or Singapore.

When I watch Cartoon Network, I want to hear Popeye say 'I am Popeye the sailor man', or tweety bird say 'oh that puddy cat' in English, not in Hindi. I want the original. Just to gain some .02% increase in the ratings, these dim-witted marketing idiots do such brainless things. Who watches Discovery Channel anyway? Only the so-called 'convent educated, westernised' upper-middle class and upper class. Do they really need it in Hindi? Or for that matter in Tamil. Your ratings might have increased but the television equivalent of passion score actually might have decreased. That means the advertisements are not being watched. For the retards in advertising, this means your ads are ineffective, you are paying more for less. You can't advertise premium products in channels which the rich don't watch.

The same goes for other channels. The same goes for MTV. At least give me MTV Asia. I am not interested in watching the hero and heroine dreaming dance sequences in Switzerland or New Zealand or bellies gyrating to kanta laga remix. I want dawg and his homies watching booties shakin', hell, I will even watch the talentless hacks, the boy and/or girl bands. In fact, they are more watchable than these film songs which are copies of English songs anyway.


Anonymous said...

Manoj..U can't help it..I do empathize your feelings..whatever it is..MERA BHAARATH MAHAAN...

Akane said...

hye manoj.. keep support marrybrown india.. =) thank you for enjoying at marrybrown.. im a staff of marrybrown malaysia.. =)