Wednesday, June 27, 2018

From a Canadian friend

There are two major problems with our people.

1. Hypocrisy- They want to be called Canadian, but would totally hate the ideas of freedom that Canadian culture promotes. They would do every single thing to be called Canadians, from adopting fake accents (which is given away when they use terms like' Kajijji' ) to hailing for Blue Jays, without even knowing the actual history of the game. I swear I see people trying so hard to blend in the actual Canadian culture, but when it comes to implementing sex education in the public school curriculums, or events like pride parade, all their farzi sanskars start acting out of nowhere.

I was just talking to some really old man from India, who probably came here as a refugee. His words, and I quote, " Aa Justin Trudeau ne gand paya hoya hai ethha. Galt Cheejan Pdhaan di ki lod hai jwaka nu"

He was so against the idea of creating awareness about topics like, reproduction, sex, contraception that currently you can see him promoting conservatives in Brampton very actively.

Man you are living in the Americas. Can we expect you to support the ideas of the land that actually 'gave you refuge'?

2. Denial- Indians will always stay in Denial mode.
You show them there mistakes, the reality. They always take it on their ego, or deshbhakti or religion or their sanskaars.

The thing here is, I feel so hopeless these days, that I literally escaped India, because it is unsafe, corrupt, people judge you for your clothes, people judge you for your career, for your life choices, and here I am. Where these things have started showing up gradually.

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