Tuesday, May 12, 2009

To all those supporting LTTE

To all those morons supporting LTTE and quoting from its propaganda website, those who want India to send troops to "save Tamils", THIS is what LTTE thinks about India. The above picture shows Indians killed by the same Tamils India supposedly went to protect.

We don't want a repeat of the above scenes.

This is how our former PM was treated , first by the Sinhalese, we all know how the LTTE handled him...

Sri Lankan Tamils lost their cause when they, the LTTE, and the Sri Lankan government hounded IPKF out of their country. All those people empathising for their "Tamil Berthers", why don't they sympathise for the lesser "tamil berthers", the dalits of this state? Caste affinity makes some politicians (Thevars, Vanniars, and Gounders) vociferously support Prabhakaran (Karaiyar) and the majority Sri Lankan Tamils (Vanniars, Vellalars), and the "enemies" of this caste (Pariahs) shamelessly toe their lines even while they are weighed down their whole lives here, and their equivalents in Sri Lanka (Rodiyas) live a life as bad or worse than the untouchables in India. Politicians make strange bedfellows!!

Why don't these politicians talk about
1) the bigotry against Muslims
2) the increasing violence against Christians
3) the atrocities against dalits
4) the exploitation of tribals

I would say, that's because they have more in common with those people (caste) than with these people!!


Anonymous said...

Finally what is your conclusion? is LTTE bad? or total tamils bad?
You want to save all minority muslims and christians in India? Why you are not supporting srilankan's minorities(tamils)?

Anonymous said...

fucking indian army kills lot of tamils in srilanka first indians started . tamils finished that

Anonymous said...

i am so happy that these guys (LTTE) got fucked.