Friday, May 15, 2009

Returning to India

In the last few months, I have seen many of those "onsite" guys coming back to the home office, and a sudden spurt in the number of "US return" people flaunting their designer sunglasses, "original" nike shoes, and the costliest car in the block. News websites say they return mainly due to "sentimental" reasons, decreasing wage gaps, and other BS reasons. I talked to many of them. Initially they gave the same kind of reasons - being close to family; came here for a vacation, will go back there after taking care of this problem project here; etc. Prodding further, or making them speak their mind, the real reason seems to be the IT companies recalling them, either due to project cancellation, or cost cutting over there, "resource rotation", and mainly the expiry of their visas. Even some greencard holders have returned - that was due to losing their jobs (and their sponsors). While it is a face-saving way to hide the real reason, why do those newspapers and websites give a phony reason?

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