Tuesday, March 03, 2009

Cost of green

I had been thinking a lot about installing a solar water heater for two reasons - decreasing my electricity bill, and to make use of the 10 hours-a-day sunshine here. I called up the dealer of a famous solar water heater manufacturer and found out it was not worth buying a solar water heater at all!
1. I can't have hot water whenever I want, even during the day time. I was supposed to let the sun "boil" the water for a whole day and I can use the water heated today only the next day.
2. The cost is prohibitive - Rs. 20,000 + taxes + installation charges + "misc. expenses". The cost of an instant water heater is Rs. 4000, and the annual electric bill (all the appliances) is only another Rs. 4000. So, if I get this installed, it will take me 4 more years to break even.
3. I can't install it in my flat as the heater has to be placed only on the open terrace.

Why go through all this trouble if I have to lose all the convenience??

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workhard said...

I dont think you need to boil water in a solar heater in this heat. The regular tanks are doing that anyways.

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