Thursday, September 20, 2007


Some quotes!!

Most sensible comment seen there: End of the day, use what works for you.

Other, nonsensical comments!!

Linux - vim
Windows - Notepad

The answer is obvious for the people out there with half a brain…get OpenOffice.

But what about the average family who doesn’t need X amount of extra features?

First, most people don’t need the advanced features of MSWord, so OpenOffice - for free, will do the job just fine.

so, don't format your documents, resumes, flyers printed for your home business... here, take this toy, oooh, look at the pretty colours...go play with it, you don't need any of them jazzy size fits all... Non-geeks like Office? death to the non-geeks...the geeks shall inherit the earth, until then, death to micro$oft...go through the 3000 page manual and memorize it before you even think of asking me some question...i'm too busy and cool to think about you user people anyway, and to boot you people are insects inside my bottom....just nuisance factor....sigh! what paradise it will be if there were no users in this world...

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