Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Valentine's day activities: a summary

Today evening I was chatting with my friend. Here is snip of the chat (hope he does not mind).

me: hi da machi
my friend: hello
me: how was your valentine's day?
my friend: lots of proposals da
me: wow!
my friend: and I rejected all of those, as usual ;-)...

the conversation continued and we ended with discussing the differences between project management and product management (what will happen of me if I am like this?!)

Ok, coming to the point, I know that most of the fellow bloggers are very much eager to know what I did on this day!

Here you go!

7:00 AM: Alarm in my mobile phone wakes me up, switch it off and go back to sleep

7:45 AM: I woke up (no on was there to make tea for me)

8:20 AM: Late to catch the bus by 5 minutes, take an autorickshaw to work

9:10 AM: Reach office late by 10 minutes, fortunately, sneaked in with some managers without a late mark

10:00 AM: The canteen guy makes my usual lemon tea for me. Tea is bitter than usual (good start to this day)

1:00 PM: My highly promiscuous roommate sends a message saying that the passes he had to Enigma club were not available - he was taking his colleague who had a few hotties by his side. Another lonely night at home.

6:00 PM: Start work

8:00 PM: Advice some developers here to go spend time with their romantic interests, but they don't listen to me.

9:00 PM: Start walking home?


Jeevan said...

Working on Valentines day, so sad. u have forget to write about our chat in this post.

Lumbergh-in-training said...

Inspired by Kansa Kicha
Dont worry Jeevan, I will write about our other conversations :)

Jagan said...

here thru krishna's blog ...

on v-day u didnt even get to drink in enigma ..kasta kalam machi ..

Lumbergh-in-training said...

what to do Jagan, naama kuduthu vechathu avlothan :))

Anonymous said...

panam kuduthu poga vaendiyathu dhaana.... enigma...

ellam 'free' ya va kadaikkanum nna kashtammappa..!